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Shitalagram was previously called Siddh agram. It can be reached on the Vardaman Katwa railway line, one mile northeast of Kechur station. It is the place of Shri Dhananjaya Pandit who was Vasudham, one of the twelve cowherd boys who descended with Balaram from Goloka. Dhananjaya Pandit was born in Chattagram. His father's name was Shripati Bandu Padyi, his mother's name was Kalindi devi, and his wife's name was Haripriya. He donated everything to Mahaprabhu and accepted only a water pot. He travelled widely preaching Vaishnava doctrine until he came and settled and estab­lished Gaura Nitai and Shri Gopinath Deities in Shitalagram. Hare Krishna!