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Sankha Nagar


Sankha Nagar, one of the seven villages of Saptagram, is on the banks of the. Saraswati River. It is near the village of prsent day Meghara, is the place of Shrila Raghunath das Goswami's uncle Shri Kalidas.


Shri Kalidas used to search far and wide for Vaishnavas, and finding them he would listen to Krishna katha. He would then offer them fruits and sweets. Whatever remnants were thrown away after the Vaishnava deovtees had eaten, Kalidas secretly took them, sucked the finished peels and seeds from the fruits, and licked the leaf plates and cups. In this way, Shri Kalidas would dance in ecstasy.One day Kalidas went to a village where a "sudra" Vaishnava devotee of the Lord resided. It was evening and Kalidas offered him some sweet and suculent mangos to eat. He then heard some Krishna katha. At sunset he took leave and, as it befits the situation, the Vaishnava

accompanied Kalidas for a short distance and then bade him farewell. But Kalidas only pretended to go. As soon as the Vaishnava had gone inside his house, Kalidas returned. Looking to the ground where the Vaishnava had just stepped, he took the dust and smeared it over his body and danced in ecstasy. After this he hid behind a tree. He could hear a bell ringing in the Deity room, so he knew that the mangos were being offered to the Lord. After a short time, the Vaishnava came out and threw away the remnants, sucked seeds and peels. Kalidas had been waiting patiently for this precise moment. As soon as the Vaishnava returned inside his house, Kalidas accepted maha-prasad by licking the mango peels and sucking the seeds. After finishing, he again danced in ecstasy.


Kalidas somehow partook of the food remnants of almost every Vaishnava in Bengal at some time or other. Lord Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was very pleased by this devotional attitude of Kalidas.At the lion gate of Shri Jagannath's temple in Puri, Lord Chaitanya used to wash His feet before entering. The Lord had a standing rule that no one was ever allowed to drink this water. But once Kalidas, being at the lion gate one morning, saw Lord Chaitanya washing His feet. He came up without any trepidation and freely drank the water that had washed the Lord's feet. Lord Chaitanya did not chastise Kalidas because of his exalted quality of worshiping all Vaishnavas by accepting their remnants. Because of this quality, Kalidas attained the fortune of drinking the water that washed the Lord's feet. Hare Krishna!