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Ramacandra Kaviraj


Ramacandra Kaviraj was a disciple of Shrinivas Acarya. In Krishna lila he was Kama Manjari. After the disappearance of his father, he resided in the village of Kumaranagar. Later he came to Tillia Bhudri village in the district of Murashidabad. When he was getting married and was dressed beautifully as a bridegroom, Shrinivas Acarya saw him and commented to him that a man purchases maya with his own money and puts the noose of illusion around his own neck with his own hands and still feels happy. After hearing these words, Ramacandra became a disciple of Shrinivas Acarya. His devotion to his guru was exemplary. He was also the siksa guru of King Bir Hambir in Vishnupur. Shri Jiva Goswami, being impressed by his poetry, gave him the title of kviraj.He was one of the famous eight poets who were disciples of Shrinivas Acarya. He wrote Smarana Chamatkar, Smarana Darpana, Siddhanta Candrika, and a biography of  Shrinivas Acarya. In Vrindavan, when Shrinivas Acarya disappeared, Ramacandra Kaviraj protected his Shri Anga.Although Ramacandra Kaviraj was married, he never was materialistically attached. He and his wife, Ratamala, never produced any children. Today the progeny of his brother, Govinda Kaviraj, still exist.