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Shri Raghunandan Thakur


This Raghunandan, the son of Mukunda, was brought up by Narahari Sarkar Thakur. In his childhood, out of great love and affection, Raghunandan had offered a sweet ladhu made of khir to the family Deities of Shri Gopinath. In a kadamba tree on the bank of Madhu Puskarini, every day only two flowers grew by his potency, and he used to offer them to Shri Gopinath. Lord Shri Chaitanya Maha­prabhu considered Raghunandan as His own son, and on the day of the celebration of Adivasa of sankirtan, He gave Raghunandan the honor of breaking the pot full of yoghurt and tumeric hanging over­head.


Once Shri Abhiram Goswami arrived in Shri Khanda and paid his obeisances to Raghunandan Thakur. It was known that if Shri Abhiram Thakur paid his obeisances to someone, that person would die. But Raghunandan Thakur accepted his obeisances and embraced him in his arms. They then together started performing kirtan in the Baradanga Bhajan place. While Narahari was dancing, his ankle bracelet broke and fell four miles away in a place called Akihatta at the house of his disciple Krishnadas. Even today, that place in Akihat­ta is famous and known as Nupur Kunda.