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The king of Putia, Bharendra Narayana, was influenced and blessed by Shrinivas Acarya and received the mercy of the Vaishnavas. He thus accepted Vaishnava dharma. The king's daughter, Sacidevi dasi, received initiation from Shri Haridas, the great worshiper of Shri Go-vindaji in Vrindavan, began performing her bhajan to Govindaji in Vrindavan, and later performed bhajan at Radha Kunda. On the day of Ganga Sagara she desired to bathe in the Ganges. That night the Ganges came from the lotus feet of Lord Jagannath to her ashram and allowed her to bathe. Entering Ganga devi's waters, she floated to the lotus feet of Jagannath Swami in Jagannath Puri. Early in the morning, when the pujaris unlocked the doors and opend the gates, they discovered her. Thinking she was a thief, they immedi­ately put her in jail. But Lord Jagannath seeing this mistake gave a duplicate dream to both the king and the head pujari, ordering them both to respectfully immediately release Sacidevi from jail and take initiation from her. The glories of Sacidevi dasi spread throughout Puri and Sacidevi dasi was hurriedly released by the order of Jagan­nath Swami. From that time onwards she became famous as Ganga-mata Goswamini.


In Jaipur there is a Deity called Shri Shyama Raya which was wor­shiped by a brahmana. This Deity came to the brahmana in his dream and told him he should take Him to Puri and give Him to Gangamata Goswamini. Following the order of the Deity, the brahmana went to Puri and presented Shri Shyama Raya to her. On the order of Ganga­mata Goswamini, the king renovated the old palace of Shri Sarva-bhauma Bhattracarya and she then established Shri Shyama Raya, and He is still being worshiped there today. Hare Krishna!