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Shri Mukunda Sarkar Thakur


Shri Mukunda Sarkar Thakur, the elder brother of Narahari, was the personal physician of the emperor. One day he was sitting with the emperor on his balcony when a servant brought a fan made of peacock feathers. Just by seeing this fan, Mukunda Thakur thought of Krishna and fell down unconscious. When he regained himself a few seconds later, the king asked him what had happened. Mukunda made the excuse that he had epilepsy. The king was highly intelligent and understood that Mukunda was well until his servant brought the peacock fan. The king concluded that the fan had reminded Mukunda of Krishna and this remembrance had caused him to experience internal waves of nectar. The king became impressed with Mukunda Thakur and began developing devotion towards him. Later, Mukunda Thakur renounced his post as court physician, and, with the king's blessings, came to Shridham Navadwip to study bhakti literatures with Mahaprabhu.


One day in Jagannath Puri, Lord Chaitanya asked Mukunda Thakur whether Raghunandan was his son or not. Mukunda said with great humility, "Raghunandan is actually my father." Mahaprabhu then asked why. Mukunda replied that because of Raghunandan he had attained the feet of Mahaprabhu, and had thus received bhagavata

bhakti. When Lord Chaitanya and the devotees heard this, they all became very happy.