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Krishnanagar, on the banks of Dakeshwara river in the district Hoogly, was the residence of Shri Abhiram Goswami, one of the twelve cowherd boys that descended with Lord Balaram from Vraja. In Krishna lila he was Shridham, the brother of Shrimati Radharani. In Lord Rama's lila, he was the Lord's brother, Bharata.Shri Abhiram Goswami was extremely powerful. If he offered his obeisances to any Deity that was not properly installed, or not present due to some transgression, the Deity would immediately crack. When Shri Abhiram Goswami offered his obeisances to the seven sons of Nityananda Prabhu, they each at once died. When the eighth son, Shri Virabhadra Prabhu, was born, Shri Abhiramji paid his obeisances to him. Shri Virabhadra Prabhu remained alive. From this time onwards, Shri Abhiram Goswami accepted Virabhadra Prabhu as the second body of Mahaprabhu.


Shri Abhiram Goswami carried a whip, as is caried by a cowherd boy who cares for many cows. This whip's name was Jaya Mangala. Whomever he hit with his Jaya Mangala whip immediately received Krishna prema. Shri Abhiram granted Krishna prema to Shrinivas Acarya by this intimate method. Gaura Premanandi!