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Kardaha is located two miles west of the Kardaha rail station on the banks of the Ganges. When Mahaprabhu left Shri Navadwip Dham to reside in Jagannath Puri, Lord Nityananda, by Mahaprabhu's order, came to Bengal to preach Vaishnava dharma. Nityananda vigorously preached Mahaprabhu's message, and, after some time, He settled in Kardaha. He married Jahnava devi and Vasuddha devi here. Here also, His son Virabhadra was born as well as His daughter, Ganga-mata devi. Shrinivas Acarya and Narottama das Thakur also came to this place. The local temple contains the Deity of Shyamasundara, and the bathing ghat on the river Ganges is famous as Shyamasundara Ghat. Haribol!