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Kalikata Bagh Bazaar


The king of Vishnupur, Bir Hambir, used to worship a Deity of Shri Madan Mohan during the time of Shrinivas Acarya. Later on, his descendent gave the Deity as collateral against a 100,000 rupee loan to Shri Gokula Candia, a rich landlord who was a resident of Bagh Bazar. Later, a court case erupted and the Deity remained in the care of Shri Gokula Candra. Even today He is worshiped in Bagh Bazaar in the house of Gokula Candra Misra, a descendent of Gokula Candra. The family members of Shri Kasiswara Pandit, who was an associate of Mahaprbhu, were originally worshiping this Deity of Madan Mohan and King Bir Hambir received the Deity from them. Hare Krishna!