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Govinda Kaviraj


Govinda Kaviraj was also a disciple of Shrinivas Acarya and one of the celebrated eight kaviraj poets. His birthplace was Tillia Bhudri. His wife's name was Mahamaya devi and his son's name was Devayasimha. He achieved the shelter of Shrinivas Acarya by the mercy of his brother Ramacandra.He was originally a worshiper of Durga. Although he could see that he was not advancing through her worship, still he continued. He contacted a dangerous disease and thought that he would soon die. Thus he requested his brother Ramacandra to help him attain the shelter of Shrinivas Acarya. Shrinivas Acarya heard this from his disciple and came to Govinda and placed his own feet on Govinda's head. Govinda's health immediately improved and he received a new life as a devotee. From that time onwards, he began composing wonderful poems about the pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Krishna.


Some famous writings of his are Shri Ramacaritri Gita, Sangit Madhavanataka, Astakalia and others. Being influenced by his extraordinary poetry, even great Vaishnavas like Shri Jiva Goswami wrote letters to him. All the Goswamis of Vrindavan accepted his title of Kaviraj and aprpeciated his writings. Hare Krishna!