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Gopi Vallabhapur


Gopi Vallabhapur is situated in the Medinapur district on the banks of the Survanarekha River. It is 16 miles from the south-eastern rail station of Sardeha. From there, one can take a bus to the last bus stop and then walk eight kilometers in the direction of the Survanarekha River. One can then hire a boat and cross to the opposite side of the river. One will then arrive at Gopi Vallabhapur.The disciple of Shri Sarvananda, Shri Rasikananda Prabhu, received a Deity from the king of Mayurbanja. Shri Sarvananda named the Deity Gopinathaji. At this place, many holy articles have been saved, such as the neckbeads of Shri Rasikananda Prabhu, his mudpot, his tilak, his Shrimad-Bhagavatam, three bamboo flutes, and many hand written manuscripts of Vaishnava literatures. All these things are stored in the house of Shri Nandanandanan deva, a previous priest.


Shri Rasikananda Prabhu is also known as Rasika Murari. He was the chief disciple of Shri Shyamananda Prabhu. He took birth in the year 1512 Sakabda in the village of Rohanigram on the bank of the river Survanarekha. His father's name was Shri Achyutananda and his mother's name was Bhavani devi. Shri Rasikananda was an extremely influential personality. He was a great scholar, a rasik devotee and a perfected sage. Shri Shyamananda Prabhu, being pleased with his qualities, gave him the service of his Deity, Shri Govinda.


Once a discontented Muslim ruler was envious of Shri Rasikananda and sent some mad elephants charging at him. Shri Rasikananda Prabhu, not feeling the slightest anxiety, took some water in his hand and chanted, "Guru! Gauranga! Krishna! Krishna!" He then sprinkled the elephants with his water and they immediately stopped charging and lowered their heads in humility. Then, to the total amazement of everyone present, they raised their trunks, and, trumpeting loudly, began chanting "Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!" in resounding voices. These elephants, from this time onwards, became humble and respectful in the presence of Vainsavas. The Muslim ruler who wit­nessed these events surrendered to Rasikananda Prabhu and became his disciple. Because of Rasikananda Prabhu's wonderful potency, many kings, including the kings of Mayurbanja, Mayana, and Pataspur became his disciples.Just before he was to leave this planet, Rasikananda travelled with his disciples while performing full kirtan. When he passed through the Basdahar village, he came to the Ksira Gopinath Temple in Ramuna. Entering the temple amidst an ecstatic kirtan, in front of all his devotees, he finished his pastimes by merging into the Deity of Shri Gopinath. All his associates immediately dropped their mridangas and karatalas and fell down in the temple compound. They also one after another, gave up their bodies within minutes of their guru's departure. A puspa samadhi of Shri Rasikananda Prabhu exists near the temple, and one may also see the samadhis of the devotees who left their bodies at that time. Hare Krishna!