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Chand Pada


Chand Pada, situated eight miles northeast of Murshidapur station, is the birth place of Shri Subhudi Raya. The Muslim magistrate Hussein Shah previously had been a servant of Subhudi Raya. Later on, when Hussein Shah became the ruler of Bengal, he, under the influence of his wife, forcibly poured water from his drinking pot into the mouth of Subhudi Raya and thus took away Subhudi Raya's caste. A smarta brahmana who heard about this told Subhudi Raya to purify himsself by drinking boiling ghee and give up his life. Disregarding this instruction, Shri Subhudi Raya took the shelter of the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu who instructed him to go to Vrindavan and chant Hari Nama. Thus Subhudi Raya went to Vraja and engaged himself in chanting incessantly the Holy Names of the Supreme Lord Krishna. He became a great saint. Hare Krishna!