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Song 4





prabhu tava pada-yuge mora nivedan

nahi magi deha-sukha, vidya, dhana, jan


1) O Lord! This is my humble submission at Your lotus feet. I do not ask from You sensual pleasure, learning, wealth, or followers.



nahi magi swarga, ara moksha nahi magi

na kori prarthana kono vibhutira lagi’


2) I do not beg for residence on the celestial planets, nor do I wish liberation from this mundane existence. Nor do I pray for the attainment of any mystic powers.



nija-karma-guna-doshe je je janma pai

janme janme jeno tava nama-guna gai


3) Whatever birth I may obtain due to the faults of my previous worldly activities, I pray that I may sing the glories of Your holy name birth after birth.



ei matra asha mama tomar carane

ahoituki bhakti hride jage anukshane


4) This is my only desire, O Lord, and I submit it at Your lotus feet: That unmotivated devotion to You may constantly awaken in my heart.



vishaye je priti ebe achaye amar

sei-mata priti hauk carane tomar


5) As much attachment as I now have for worldly affairs, I pray that a similar degree of attachment may develop for Your holy feet.



vipade sampade taha thakuk sama-bhave

dine dine vriddhi hauk namera prabhave


6) I pray that my love for You may remain undisturbed both in misfortune and in prosperity, and that day after day it may increase by the power and influence of Your holy name.



pashu-pakshi ho’ye thaki swarge va niroye

tava bhakti rahu bhaktivinoda-hridoye


7) Be my life in heaven or in hell, be it as a bird or a beast, may devotion to You always remain within the heart of Bhaktivinoda.