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Song 2



tunhu doya-sagara tarayite prani

nam aneka tuwa shikhaoli anií


1) O Lord, You are an ocean of mercy. You have brought Your innumerable holy names to this world and have taught the chanting of them to the fallen living beings just for their deliverance.



sakala shakati dei name tohara

grahane rakholi nahi kala-vicara


2) You invest all Your energies in Your own holy name, and for chanting Your holy name You have not established any rules such as consideration of time or place.



shri-nama-cintamani tohari samana

vishve bilaoli karuna-nidana


3) Your divine holy name, being nondifferent from You, is like touchstone. You have distributed Your holy name throughout the entire creation, and that is the essence of Your kindness.



tuwa doya aichana parama udara

atishoy manda natha! bhaga hamara


4) Such is Your mercy, which is supremely magnanimous, O Lord, but I am extremely unfortunate.



nahi janamalo name anuraga mor

bhakativinoda-citta duhkhe vibhor


5) My attraction for the holy name has never come about; therefore the heart of Bhaktivinoda is overwhelmed with sadness.