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Song 5



mahabhava-cintamani,  udbhavita tanu-khani,

sakhi-pati-sajja prabhavati

karunya-tarunya ar,  lavanya-amrita-dhar,

tahe snata lakshmi-jayi sati


1) Shrimati Radharani’s transcendental bodily form has arisen out of the mahabhava-cintamani. She is the decoration of the Lord of the sakhis, and is effulgent with divinely splendrous potency. She takes her first bath in the shower of the nectar of compassion, Her second bath in the nectar of youth, and Her third bath in the nectar of bodily luster. She thus conquers the beauty of even the goddess of fortune, and is endowed with the prominent quality of chastity.



lajja patta-vastra jar,  saundarya kunkuma-sar,

kasturi-citrita kalevara

kampashru-pulaka-ranga,  stambha-sveda-svara-bhanga,

jadyonmada nava-ratna-dhara


2) She wears the silken sari of modesty, and on Her forehead She wears the red kunkum dot of loveliness. Her body is decorated with pictures drawn in musk, and She wears a necklace that is adorned with the fresh jewels of the ecstatic symptoms-shivering in the body, flowing of tears from the eyes, standing of hairs on the body, being stunned, perspiring, faltering of the voice, inactivity, and madness.



panca-vimshati guna,  phula-mala su-shobhana,

dhiradhira bhava-patta-vasa

pihita-mana-dhammilla,  saubhagya-tilakojvala,

krishna-nama-yashah karnollasa


3) Shri Radha is very much beautified by wearing the flower garland strung with Her twenty-five transcendental qualities,* and She is clothed in the two-part silken garment of both sober and non-sober emotional ecstasies. Covered indignation constitutes Her braided and ornamented hair, and She is radiant with the tilak of auspicious fortune. The name and glories of Krishna are the delight of Her ears.



raga-tambulita oshtha,  kautilya-kajjala-spashta,

smita-karpurita narma-shila

kirti-yasha-antahpure,  garva-khattopari sphure,

dulita prema-vaicittya-mala


4) Shrimati Radharani’s lips have become very red from chewing betel nuts, and the black collyrium of cunningness is clearly visible on Her eyes. Her smile is like sweet camphor, and she is always fond of joking. She sits upon a bed of pride in a palace of fame and glory, and a garland of extraordinary transformations of ecstatic love hangs swinging from around Her neck.



pranaya-rosha-kanculi- pihita stana-yugmaka,

candra-jayi kacchapi ravini

sakhi-dwaya-skandhe,  lila-karambujarpana-shila,

shyama shyamamrita-vitarani


5) Her breasts are covered by the bodice of loving anger. She plays on a lute called kacchapi (turtle-shaped) to announce the conquest of Her rival Candravali. Radha is always fond of placing Her playful lotuslike hands on the shoulders of two of Her girlfriends. Her youthful form is very graceful and slender, and She is the exclusive distributor of the nectar of Lord Shyamasundara.



e heno radhika-pada,  tomader su-sampada,

dante trina yace tava pay

e bhaktivinoda din,  radha-dasyamrita-kana,

rupa raghunatha! deho tay


6) O Rupa and Raghunatha! Your great treasure is the lotus feet of such a Radhika. This Bhaktivinoda, who is very fallen and lowly, prays at your lotus feet with a straw of the street between his teeth. Please bestow upon me a nectarean particle of eternal service to Shrimati Radharani!