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Song 6

[Vibhasha-Jhanphi, Lopha]



vacya o vacaka-dui swarup tomar

vacya-tava shri-vigraha cid-anandakar


1) O Lord, You possess two transcendental forms, properly called vacya (that which is nameable) and vacaka (that which denotes). The vacya is Your beautiful personal bodily form full of transcendental knowledge and bliss.



vacaka swarup tava `shri-krishnaadi’ nam

varna-rupi sarva-jiva-ananda-vishram


2) The vacaka forms are Your holy names, such as Shri Krishna and so forth. Thus appearing in the form of transcendental sound vibration, You are the resting place for the bliss of all souls.



ei dui swarupe tava ananta prakash

doya kori’ deya jive tomara vilas


3) Your unlimited manifestations are found in these two forms. Taking pity and being very kind, they confer upon the fallen souls entrance into Your divine pastimes.



kintu janiyachi natha vacaka-swarup

vacyapeksha doyamoy, ei aparup


4) But of these two forms of Yours, O Lord, I have understood Your vacaka form to be even more merciful than Your vacya form. Thus do I find Your holy name most wonderful.



nama nami bheda nai, vedera vacan

tabu nama-nami ho’te adhika korun


5) It is the declaration of the Vedas that the holy name of the Lord and the Lord Himself are non-different, yet still the holy name is more merciful than the Lord Himself.



krishnae-aparadhi jadi name shraddha kori’

prana bhori’ dake nam-`rama, krishna, hari’,


6) If one is an offender to Lord Krishna personally, but has genuine faith in the holy name and calls out with all his heart and soul, “Rama!” “Krishna!” “Hari!”...



aparadha dure jay, ananda-sagare

bhase sei anayase rasera pathare


7) ...then all his offenses are cast far away, and he floats without difficulty in the ocean of divine bliss and transcendental mellows.



vigraha-swarup vacye aparadha kori’

shuddha-namashraye sei aparadhe tori’


8) A person may commit offenses to the vacya or the transcendental figure of the Lord, but if he is under the shelter of the pure holy name, he crosses over all those offenses.



bhakativinoda mage shri-rupa-carane

vacaka-swarup name rati anukshane


9) At the lotus feet of Shrila Rupa Goswami, Bhaktivinoda begs for constant loving attachment for the vacaka or divine holy name of the Supreme Lord.