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Song 8




(refrain)  ‘hari’ bole’ modera gaura elo


(refrain) Our Lord Gaura came chanting “Hari! Hari!”



elo re gauranga-canda preme elothelo

nitai-adwaita-sange godrume pashilo


1) Lord Gauranga-canda came looking very disheveled, as if mad, due to ecstatic love of God, and along with Lord Nityananda and Advaita Acarya, He entered the land of Godruma.



sankirtana-rase mete nam bilailo

namera hate ese preme jagat bhasailo


2) Deeply absorbed in the intoxicating mellows of sankirtan, He distributed the holy name. Having come to the Marketplace of the Holy Name, He caused the whole universe to swim in ecstatic love of God.



godruma-basir aj duhkha dure gelo

bhakta-vrinda-sange asi’ hata jagailo


3) Today all the miseries of the residents of Godruma-dvipa have gone far away, for Lord Gauranga, having come here along with all His devotees, caused the Marketplace of the Holy Name to appear here in Godruma.



nadiya bhramite gora elo namer hate

gaura elo hate, sange nitai elo hate


4) Wandering all over the land of Nadiya, Lord Gaura came to the Marketplace of the Holy Name. Lord Gaura came to the Marketplace along with Nitai.



nace matoyara nitai godrumera mathe

jagat matay nitai premera malasate


5) Maddened with ecstasy, Lord Nityananda dances in the fields of Godruma. Due to ecstatic love of God, He moves His powerful arms like a challenging wrestler and thus overwhelms the universe in ecstasy.



 (tora dekhe’ ja’ re)

adwaitadi bhakta-vrinda nace ghate ghate

palaya duranta kali podiya bibhrate


6) (Oh, all of you please go and see!) The Vaishnavas headed by Advaita Acarya are dancing along the banks of the Ganga from one bathing ghat to the next! At such a sight as this, the wicked personality Kali falls into great danger and thus runs for his life.



ki sukhe bhasilo jiva goracander nate

dekhiya shuniya pashandir buka phate


7) In what indescribable happiness did all living beings swim while Lord Gaurachandra was dancing? By seeing and hearing of such pastimes, the hearts of the atheists break.