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Song 3





ekbar bhavo mane,

asha-bashe bhrami’ hetha pa’be ki sukha jivane

ke tumi, kothay chile, ki korite hetha ele,

kiba kaj kore’ gele, ja’be kotha sharira-patane


1) Consider this just once: While you wander in this world, under the control of material desires, what happiness will you achieve in this mundane life? Who are you? Where have you come from? How did you come here? What have you done? And where will you go at the time of death when your body drops?



keno sukha, duhkha, bhoy, ahamta-mamata-moy,

tuccha jay-parajay, krodha-himsa, dvesha anya-jane

bhakativinoda koy, kori’ gora-padashroy,

cid-ananda-rasa-moy hao radha-krishna-nama-gane


2) What is the use of so much worldly happiness, distress and fear, which arise from the false egotism of “I” and “mine”? And what is the use of insignificant victory and defeat, anger, violence, and envy toward other living beings? Bhaktivinoda says, “Just take shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Gaurasundara and sing the names of Radha and Krishna, and you will become saturated with the mellows of pure spiritual bliss.”