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Song 5



keno ar koro dvesha, videshi-jana-bhajane

bhajanera linga nana, nana deshe nana jane


1) Why do you continue to hate the way the Lord is worshiped by people of other lands? There exist a number of authentic ways to worship God, according to the customs of various peoples living in different countries.



keho mukta-kacche bhaje, keho hatu gadií puje

keho va nayana mudií thake brahma-aradhane


2) Some people worship the Lord in an untidy or careless manner; some worship Him by bending down on their knees; still others close their eyes while worshiping His impersonal Brahman aspect.



keho yogasane puje, keho sankirtane maje

sakale bhajiche sei eka-matra krishna-dhane


3) Some people worship Him by assuming various yoga postures, and some immerse themselves in the congregational chanting of the Lordís holy names; but all of them worship that one and only supreme treasure-Lord Shri Krishna.



ataeva bhratri-bhave, thako sabe su-sadbhave

hari-bhakti sadho sada, e jivane va marane


4) Therefore you should all reflect a mood of brotherhood and live together in transcendental friendship. Always practice devotional service to Lord Hari, whether in situations of life or death.