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Song 2



ar keno maya-jale poditecho, jiva-min

nahi jano baddha ho’ye ro’be tumi ciro-din


1) O fish-like soul, why have you fallen into the entangling nets of Maya? You have not understood that by being bound up by those nets you will have to remain in this material world for a long, long time.



ati tuccha bhoga-ashe, bandi ho’ye maya-pashe

rohile vikrita-bhave dandya jatha paradhin


2) After becoming a captive in Maya’s snare due to the influence of desires for very insignificant enjoyments, you remain transformed in a spiritually diseased condition, punishable as a disobedient servant or dependent.



ekhona bhakati-bale, krishna-prema-sindhu-jale

krida kori’ anayase thako tumi krishnaadhina


3) Now, on the strength of pure devotion, swim and frolick freely in the ocean of Krishna-prema, and always remain subservient to and dependent on Lord Krishna.