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Song 1



krishna-bhakti vina kabhu nahi phalodoy

miche sab dharmadharma jiver upadhimoy


1) There is no profit in a life devoid of devotional service to Krishna. Therefore all the so-called religiosity and irreligiosity of a living being who is bewildered by false worldly designations is simply useless.



yoga-yaga-tapo-dhyan, sannyasadi brahma-jnan,

nana-kanda-rupe jiver bandhana-karana hoy


2) Mysticism, performance of Vedic sacrifices, severe austerities, meditation, renunciation of the world, and cultivating knowledge of the impersonal Brahman-although appearing in the forms of various spiritual paths-are all causes of the soulís further bondage to this world.



vinoder vakya dharo, nana kanda tyag koro,

nirupadhi krishna-preme hridoye deho ashroy


3) Please heed this advice of Bhaktivinoda: Give up all these various paths, and just keep pure love of Krishna sheltered within your heart, for this alone is transcendental to all mundane designations.