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Shri Brahma-vaivarta Purana


Canto Four Shri Krishna-janma-khanda

The Birth of Lord Krishna

Volume One



Table of Contents


Chapter One

Shri Krishna-pada-padma-prapti-sopanam

The Stairway to Shri Krishna’s Lotus Feet                                         


Chapter Two


Description of the Quarrel between Shridama and Radha


Chapter Three

Shri Radha-Shridama-sapodbhava

The Cursing of Shri Radha and Shridama                              


Chapter Four


Description of Goloka                                           


Chapter One

Shri Krishna-pada-padma-prapti-sopanam

The Stairway to Shri Krishna’s Lotus Feet


1        Shri Narada said: O brahmana, first I heard the beautiful and very wonderful Brahma-khanda from Brahma’s mouth.

2        Then, by his command, I came to you and heard the Prakrti-khanda, which is sweeter than nectar.

3        Now, unsatisfied even by hearing the Ganapati-khanda, which breaks the cycle of repeated birth, my heart yearns to hear a certain thing.

4-7     To me, a devotee and your surrendered disciple, please elaborately narrate the Shri Krishna-janma-khanda, which breaks the cycle of birth and death for all truths, which ends fruitive work, brings devotional service to Lord Hari, at once creates renunciation, cures the disease of repeated birth and death, plants the seed of liberation, is a boat to cross the ocean of repeated birth and death, is a medicine to cure the disease of trying to enjoy the fruits of work, is a stairway leading to Shri Krishna’s lotus feet, and is the life of the Vaishnavas and the purifier of the worlds.

8        By whose request did Lord Krishna, the most perfect and complete original Supreme Personality of Godhead come, accompanied by all His amsa incarnations, to the surface of the earth?

9        In what yuga, for what reason, and in what place did He appear?  Who is His father, Vasudeva?  Who is Devaki?

10      Please tell in what family, with Yogamaya’s aid expertly imitating the actions of ordinary men, He took birth?  When He came what did He do?  In what form did Lord Hari appear?

11      Afraid of Kamsa, He left the maternity room and went to Gokula.  O sage, why was the fearless Supreme Person afraid of Kamsa, who was insignificant as a worm or an insect?

12      Dressed as a cowherd boy, what did Lord Hari do in Gokula?  Why did the master of the universes enjoy pastimes with cowherd girls?

13      Who were these cowherd girls?  Who were these cowherd boys?  Who was Yasoda?  Who was Nanda?  What pious deeds had they performed?

14      Why did the saintly goddess Radha, who lives in Goloka and is Lord Hari’s dearest lover, come to Vraja and become a girl of Vraja?

15      How did these cowherd girls attain the unattainable Supreme Personality of Godhead?  Why did He leave them and go to Mathura?

16      After removing the earth’s burden where did He go and what did He do?  O very fortunate one, please tell the story of the Lord, hearing and chanting whose glories are the greatest of pious deeds.

17-19  O ocean of mercy, to me, who am your devoted disciple, please teach the rarely heard stories of Lord Hari, which are a boat to cross the ocean of repeated birth and death, a sword to cut the painful chains of material pleasures, blazing flames to burn the fuel of hosts of sins, the destroyer of sins for they who hear, the giver of liberation, nectar for the ears, and the destroyer of an ocean of grief.

20      By performing austerities, chanting mantras, giving great charity, seeing the holy places of the earth, studying the Vedas, fasting, following vows, worshipping the demigods, and being initiated to perform all yajnas, one does not attain even on sixteenth the benefit of hearing the glories of Lord Hari.

22      My father sent me here to learn from you.  Who, approaching an ocean of nectar, would not wish to drink from it?

23      Shri Narayana Rsi said: I know that you are very fortunate, pious, and glorious.  O purifier of the people, you wander here and there to purify the worlds.

24      As you hear their words, the people’s hearts are quickly revealed to you.  You know how people’s hearts are disposed to their disciple, wife, daughter, granddaughter, relatives, son, and grandson, and how their hearts have glory, beauty, intelligence, eloquence and knowledge.

26      You are liberated, even while living in this world.  You are completely pure.  You are a pure devotee of Lord Krishna.  With the dust of your feet you purify this earth, the maintainer of all.

27      By showing yourself you purify all the worlds.  That is why you wish to hear the very auspicious topics of Lord Hari.

28      Where the topics of Lord Krishna are present there also are all the demigods, sages, philosophers, saints and holy places of pilgrimage.

29      By hearing the topics of Lord Hari the hearers become great saints free of all distress.  They who hear the beautiful and auspicious topics of Lord Hari become holy places of pilgrimage..

30      Speaking the glories of Lord Hari, and delivering hundreds and hundreds of listeners, they purify the entire world.

31      Simply by asking his question, the inquirer purifies his family.  Simply by hearing the hearer, purifies his family and all his relatives.

32      Pure as if he had performed austerities for hundreds of births, he is born in Bharata-varsa.  Hearing the nectar of topics about Lord Hari, his life is a success.

33-34  The nine kinds of devotional service are: 1. Always worshipping the Lord, 2. Offering obeisances to Him, 3. Chanting His mantras, 4. Serving Him, 5. Remembering Him, 6. Glorifying Him, 7. Hearing His glories, 8. Yearning to attain Him, and 9. Surrendering to Him.  Hearing of them, he performs these kinds of devotional service.  In this way his birth in Bharata-varsa bears its fruits.

35      For him there are no obstacles.  He lives a long life and never perishes.  As a snake will not approach Garuda, so time does not approach him.

36      Lord Hari does not leave him for even a moment.  Headed by anima-siddha, the mystic perfections approach, eager to serve him.

37      By Lord Krishna’s order, day and night the sudarsana-cakra stays by his side to protect him.  Who can attack him?  What can an attacker do to him?

38      As crickets, seeing a fire, will not approach, so Yamaraja’s servants do not approach him, even in his dreams.

39      Diseases, calamities, sufferings, and obstacles do not approach him.  O sage, afraid of its own death, death itself will not approach him.

40      The rsis, munis, siddhas, and all the demigods become pleased with him.  By Lord Krishna’s mercy he is always fearless and happy.

41      You are always attracted to the topics of Lord Krishna.  In this birth you are your father, Brahma.

42      O king of brahmanas, how can I properly praise your birth from Lord Brahma’s mind?  A person’s nature will be like his family’s.

43      Your father is Brahma, the creator of the worlds.  Serving Lord Krishna’s lotus feet, he always performs the nine activities of devotional service.

44      A person who is attracted to topics of Lord Krishna, whose heart is plunged in remembering them, whose bodily hairs stand erect and who sheds tears to hear them, is said to be a devotee by the wise.

45      A person who with his heart, mind and words knows that his wife, children and everything are all the property of Lord Hari is said to be a devotee by the wise.

46      A person who is kind  to all living entities and who knows that Lord Krishna is present everywhere in this world, is very wise.  He is a devotee.  He is the best of devotees.

47      Those happy persons who, alone in a secluded holy place, meditate on Lord Hari’s lotus feet, are also great devotees.

48      They who always sing the Lord’s holy names, chant mantras describing His glories, and hear and sing songs describing Him, are very great devotees.

49      A person who obtains sweet candies and is very happy at heart to offer them to Lord Hari, is a devotee.  He is the best of the wise.

50      A person who, day and night, and even in his dreams, thinks of Lord Hari’s lotus feet, has used up all his past karma.  He is a devotee.

51      The wise say that a person into whose ear a Vishnu-mantra has entered from his guru’s mouth, is a very pure devotee.

52      A devotee delivers his family.  He delivers seven generations before and seven generations after, seven generations of grandparents, children, grandchildren, and other relatives.

53      A devotee always delivers his wife, daughter, friend, disciple, granddaughter, servant, maidservant and son.

54      The devotee always desire to visit holy pilgrimage places.  By the devotee’s touch and glance the sins sinners leave there are at once destroyed.

55      A place where a devotee stays for as long as it takes to milk a cow becomes a holy place.  All the holy places on the surface of the earth are present in that place.

56-57  As if he were plunged in the Ganga of transcendental knowledge, as if he were rapt in the thought of Lord Krishna, as if he were in a forest of tulasi trees, a Krishna-temple, Vrndavana, Haridvara, or other holy places, a sinner who dies there attains the abode of Lord Hari.

58      When a sinner bathes in a holy place his sins flee.  His sins are destroyed by a breeze that has touched a devotee.

59      As dry straw in a blazing fire, these sins cannot survive.

60      Seven lifetimes of sins are destroyed for whoever sees they who travel on the path of devotional service.

61      The pious credits earned in a hundred births are at once destroyed for they who blaspheme Lord Krishna or His saintly devotee.

62      They are cooked in the terrible hell called Kumbhipaka.  They are eaten by worms for as long as the sun and moon exist.

63      Simply by seeing such a blasphemer all one’s piety is destroyed.  If he sees him, a wise man bathes in the Ganga or glances at the sun, and in that way becomes purified.

64      Simply by a devotee’s touch a sinner becomes liberated.  His sins are destroyed.  Lord Krishna stays in his heart.

65      O brahmana, in this way I have described the glories of Lord Vishnu and His devotees.  Now please listen and I will tell you of Lord Hari’s birth.

Chapter Two


Description of the Quarrel Between Shridama and Radha


1-2     On whose request did Krishna come to the surface of the earth, what the Lord did before He returned to His own abode, how He removed the earth’s burden, and how He killed the demons, of all these I will, carefully thinking of what happened, tell you the story.

3        Listen and I will tell you of Lord Hari’s descent as a cowherd boy.  His arrival in Gokula, and Radha’s descent as gopi.

4        Listen and I will tell you in detail what before you heard me tell only briefly in the story of Sankhacuda’s death.

5        Shridama quarrelled with Radha and She cursed him to become the demon Sankhacuda.

6        Then Shridama cursed Radha: Go to a human womb in Vraja!  Become a girl of Vraja and walk on the earth’s surface!

7        Afraid of Shridama’s curse, She went to Shri Krishna and said: I will become a gopi!  Shridama cursed Me!  What will I do to prevent it!  O breaker of fears please tell me.

8        How can I live without You?  O Lord, without You every moment will become a hundred yugas.

9-10    My heart bursts into flames when the blinking of My eyes separates Us.  O Lord glorious as the autumn moon, using the cakora birds of My eyes I drink the nectar of Your face day and night.  I declare that You are My heart, My self, My mind and My body.

11      You are My eyes and My power to see.  You are My life.  You are My treasure.  Awake of asleep, I always meditate on Your lotus feet.  O Lord, without serving You I cannot live for a moment.

12      Hearing these words, Lord Krishna placed His beautiful beloved on His chest.  He reassured Her and removed Her fears.  He said:

13-14  O girl with the beautiful face, during the Varaha-kalpa I will go to the earth.  You will go with Me and also take birth on the earth.  O goddess, I will go to Vraja and enjoy pastimes (with You) in the forest.

15      You are more dear to Me than life.  If I am present why should You be afraid?

          Saying this, Lord Hari, the master of the universes, became silent.

16      For this reason the master of the universes went to Nanda’s Gokula.  Why should He be afraid?  Of what would He, the killer of fears, be afraid?

17      Pretending to fear the illusory potency, He assumed the appearance of a gopa, approached Radha, and enjoyed pastimes with Her.

18-19  To keep the promise He made when the demigod Brahma prayed to Him, Lord Krishna came to earth with the gopis, removed the earth’s burden and then returned to His own abode.

20      Shri Narada said: Why did Shridama quarrel with Radha?  What you briefly told before, now please tell at length.

21      Shri Narayana Rsi said: One time, in a rasa-mandala in a secluded place in a great forest in Goloka, Lord Hari enjoyed pastimes with Shri Radha.  Overcome with bliss, Radha could not understand Herself or anything else.

22      Leaving Her unsatisfied in the midst of Their pastimes, He went to enjoy amorous pastimes with Viraja, another gopi.

23      Beautiful Viraja resembled Radha.  She has a billion beautiful gopi friends.

24      As she sat on a jewel throne, this gopi, who thought Lord Krishna more dear than life, and who was fortunate and glorious among women, saw Lord Hari approach.

25      Lord Hari looked at her, her face glorious as the autumn moon, and she, ravishingly beautiful, smiled, and with crooked eyes gazed at Him.

26      She was eternally sixteen years old, in the full bloom of youth.  She wore exquisite garments and Her beauty was richer with jewel ornaments.

27      Seeing that she was being tortured by Kamadeva’s arrows and the hairs of all her limbs were erect with excitement, Lord Hari at once enjoyed pastimes with her.

28-29  In the great forest, in a secluded place, in a circle of jewels, on a bed made of flowers, as she embraced to her chest the Lord of her life, who is more glorious than millions of Kamadevas, Viraja fainted, overcome with the bliss by enjoying amorous pastimes with Lord Krishna.

30      Seeing Lord Hari embraced by her in the jewel pavilion, Radha’s friends at once told their mistress.

31      Hearing their words, Radha became angry and lay down on Her bed.

32      Her eyes like red lotus flowers, the goddess wept bitterly.  The great goddess said to them: “Show Him to Me.”

33      If you speak the truth, then come with Me.  I will give Krishna and this gopi the result They deserve.

34      When I punish her who will save her?  With her quickly bring Lord Hari’s other lovers also.

35-36  Don’t bring that smiling, crooked-hearted, nectar-mouthed pot of poison to My home.  Instead, take the Lord to My beautiful pavilion and keep Him there.

37      Hearing Radha’s words, some gopis became frightened, and they all folded their hands and humbly bowed their heads and necks.

38      Standing before Her, they all said to the Lord’s eternal beloved: “We will show You the Lord with Viraja.”

39      After hearing their words, beautiful Radha, ascended a chariot.  She departed with 1 630 000 000 gopis, travelling on a chariot...

40      ...made of may regal jewels, splendid as millions of suns, roofed with thirty million domes made of regal jewels, splendid with a variety of colourful flowers, pulled by colourful horses,...

41      ...with ten thousand wheels, enchanting the heart, travelling as fast as the mind, beautiful with ten million pillars and many different glorious jewels,...

42      ...with many wonderful and colourful beautiful pictures, with many rubies in the inside rooms, with many jewels decorating the wheels,...

43      ...with four hundred thousand splendid and wonderful wheels decorated with wonderful bells and tinkling ornaments,...

44      ...with a hundred thousand jewel palaces, with doors made of the best of jewels, with jewel pictures,...

45      ...with domes of the best regal jewels, with splendid spires, with delicious foods and exquisite garments,...

46      ...beautiful with many jewel beds, jewel cups and cases, and golden platforms,...

47      ...with ten million ruby staircases, with very beautiful syamantaka and kaustubha jewels,...

48      ...splendidly beautiful with wonderful forests and lakes and hundreds of groves of millions of lotus flowers,...

49      ...with splendid jewel domes and spires eighty miles wide and eight hundreds miles high,...

50      ...splendid with ten million garlands of parijata, kunda, karavira and yuthika flowers,...

51      ...fragrant with many very beautiful campaka, nagesa, mallika, malati, and madhavi flowers,...

52      ...decorated with many garlands of kadamba flowers and thousand petal lotuses,...

53      ...decorated with wonderful forests, lakes, and colourful flower gardens, fast as the wind, the best of all chariots,...

54      ...covered with exquisite fine cloth, decorated with hundreds of jewel mirrors,...

55      ...decorated with sapphires and white camaras, fragrant with sandal, aguru, musk and kunkuma,...

56      ...splendid with ten million parijata-decorated beds, ten million flags, and ten million bells,...

57      ...with ten million jewel beds covered with wonderful and colourful blankets, fragrant with campaka flowers, sandal and kunkuma,...

58      ...decorated with flower-pillows, and perfect for amorous pastimes, and also decorated with many beautiful things never seen or heard of before.

59      O sage, quickly descending from the chariot thus described, Lord Hari’s beloved goddess Radha, at once went to Him in the pavilion of jewels.

60      At the entrance She saw a handsome, smiling, lotus-faced guard accompanied by a hundred thousand gopas.

61      To that gopa, who was Shri Krishna’s dear friend named Shridama, goddess Radha, Her eyes now like red lotuses, angrily said:

62      Go away! O servant of a rake, go away!  I will see what kind of beautiful lover Your master has now!

63      Hearing Radha’s words, strong and fearless Shridama, holding a stick in his hand, did not allow Her to enter.

64      Their lips trembling, the other gopis angrily pushed the servant Shridama.

65      Hearing a great commotion from the people of Goloka and understanding that Radha was angry, Lord Hari disappeared.

66      Hearing the word “Radha” and seeing Lord Hari disappear, Viraja became afraid.  By practice of mystic yoga she gave up her life.

67      Her body at once became a river circling Goloka.

68      That river was filled with jewels, very deep, eight hundred million miles wide, and ten times as long.

Chapter Three

Shri Radha-Shridama-sapodbhava

The Cursing of Shri Radha and Shridama


1        O sage, when She went to the pavilion of amorous pastimes Radha did not see Lord Hari.  Seeing the river that Viraja had become, She went home.

2        Seeing that His eternal beloved had become a river, Shri Krishna loudly wept on the beautiful shore of that Viraja River.

3        “O best, best of lovers, come to Me!  O beautiful one, beautiful one, how can I live without you?

4        “By My blessing now become the most beautiful of women, and the empress of rivers.

5        :Now have a form more beautiful than the beautiful form you had.  O chaste one, your previous form has now become a river.”

6        “Raise from the water and come to Me.”

          Taking a new form, and beautiful like Radha, she approached Lord Hari.

7        Wearing yellow garments and her lotus face smiling, with crooked eyes she gazed at the Lord of Her life and He gazed at her.

8        She was oppressed by the burden of her hips and thighs, and her breasts were swollen and high.

9        She was the most beautiful of beautiful women, and She was fortunate and glorious among women.  She was the colour of a beautiful campaka flower and her lips were ripe bimba fruits.

10      Her beautiful teeth were like ripe pomegranate seeds,, her face was an autumn moon, and her eyes were blossoming dark lotuses.

11      She was decorated with a dot of musk and many dots of red sindura.  She was beautiful with beautiful designs and pictures.  Her braided hair was very beautiful.

12      Jewel earrings resting on her cheeks, She was decorated with a necklace of jewels and glorious with a necklace of pearls.  On the tip of her nose was an elephant pearl.

13      She was splendid with jewel armlets and bracelets and a bracelet of shells.  She was opulent with many tinkling ornaments and tinkling jewel anklets.

14      Seeing her so beautiful and so full of love for Him, the Lord of the universes at once embraced her and kissed her again and again.

15      Going to a secluded place, the all-powerful Lord again and again enjoyed many different kinds of amorous pastimes, beginning with viparita-lila, with His beloved.

16      Accepting the Lord’s invincible semen, passionate and fortunate Viraja at once became pregnant.

17      After a hundred celestial years of pregnancy, she gave birth to seven handsome sons from the Lord.

18      In this way the Lord’s eternal beloved became the mother of seven sons.  She was very happy with her seven sons.

19      One day, her heart filled with amorous desires, the saintly girl again enjoyed pastimes with Lord Hari in a secluded place in Vrndavana forest.

20      Then, frightened by his brothers, her youngest son came there and went to his mother’s lap.

21      Seeing her son was afraid, she who was an ocean of kindness left Lord Hari and placed the boy on her lap.  Then Krishna went to Radha’s home.

22      When she had comforted the boy she noticed that her beloved was no longer there.  Her heart filled with unsatisfied desires, she lamented greatly.

23      She angrily cursed her son: “You will become an ocean of salt-water.  The living entities will never drink your water.”

24      Then she cursed all the boys: “Those fools will go to the earth!  Fools, go to beautiful Jambudvipa on the earth!

25      “They will not stay together in one place, but will stay each in his own place.  They will stay happily around different islands.

26      “They may enjoy pastimes with the rivers on these islands.”

          In this way, because of his mother’s curse, the youngest boy became an ocean of salt-water.

27      The youngest then told the other boys about their mother’s curse.  Unhappy, all the boys went to their mother.

28      After hearing their mother’s words, they offered obeisances to her feet.  Then, their necks bowed with devotion, they all went to the surface of the earth.

29      O sage, they became seven oceans around the seven islands.  From the youngest to the eldest, each ocean was twice as large as the preceding one.

30      They became oceans of salt-water, sugarcane juice, wine, clarified butter, yoghurt, milk and sweet water.  Their liquid will be used to cultivate grains on the earth.

31      In this way they became seven oceans around the seven islands of the earth.  Unhappy in separation from their mother and brothers, all the boys wept.

32      Tormented by separation from her sons, chaste Viraja wept again and again.  She fainted out of grief she felt for her sons and husband.

33      Understanding that she was drowning in an ocean of grief, Radha’s master, His lotus face smiling, came to her again.

34      When she saw Lord Hari she stopped weeping and lamenting.  Gazing at her beloved, she became plunged in an ocean of bliss.

35      Overcome with passion, she placed Lord Hari on her lap and enjoyed pastimes with Him.  In this way, even though she had abandoned her sons, Lord Hari became pleased with her.

36      His eyes and face filled with happiness, He gave her a benediction: “Beloved, I will always come to you.

37      “Like Radha you will be dear to Me.  By the power of My blessing you will always protect your sons.”

38      Seeing Shri Krishna with Viraja as he spoke these words, Radha’s friends told their mistress.

39      Hearing this, Radha lay down in the palace of anger and wept.  Then Krishna entered that palace and approached Her.

40      O Narada, accompanied by Shridama, Krishna stood at Radha’s door.  When She who is the queen of the rasa dance saw Her beloved Lord Hari, She became angry and said:

41      O Lord Hari, You have many other lovers in Goloka.  Go to them!  Why do You need Me?

42      Even though Your dear lover Viraja, out of fear of Me, left her body and became a river, still You go to her!

43      Build a palace on her shore and stay with her.  Stay with her.  Go to her.  She became a river.  You became a river also.

44      Because they belong to the same class, it is glorious for one river to associate with another river.  As they happily eat together and sleep together they feel great love for each other.

45      O crest jewel of divine persons, when they hear from Me that You are enjoying pastimes with a river, the great souls will smile.

46      They who say You are the master of the universes do not truly know Your heart.  The Personality of Godhead, who is the Supersoul in the hearts of all, now desires to enjoy pastimes with a river!

47      After speaking these words, angry goddess Radha stopped.  Surrounded by a hundred thousand gopis, She would not rise from Her bed.

48      Some gopis carried camaras in their hands, some carried fine garments, some carried betelnuts in their hands, and some carried flower-garlands in their hands.

49      Some carried cups of scented water in their hands, some carried lotus flowers in their hands, some carried red sindura in their hands, and some carried flower garlands in their hands.

50      Some carried jewel ornaments in their hands, some carried black kajjala, some carried flutes and vinas in their hands, and some carried combs in their hands.

51      Some carried aviras in their hands, some carried yantras in their hands, some carried scented oil in their hands, some most beautiful women carried karatalas in their hands, and some carried toy balls.

52      Some played mrdangas, murajas, flutes and karatalas, some expertly sang, and some expertly danced.

53      Some carried toys in their hands, some carried cups of honey in their hands, some carried cups of nectar in their hands, and some carried footstools in their hands.

54      Some carried garments and ornaments in their hands, some served Radha’s feet, some stood before Her with folded hands, and some spoke prayers glorifying Her.

55      How many stood before Her?  O sage, millions and millions stood outside.

56      As Krishna stood at the door, Radha’s friends, who held sticks, would not allow Him to enter.

57      As the Lord of Her life stood before Her, Radha spoken to Him words that were inaccurate, not worthy to be spoken, improper, and very harsh.

58      O Krishna, O lover of Viraja, get away from Me!  O Lord Hari, o restless debauchee, why do You trouble Me?

59      Go at once to Padmavati!  Go to beautiful Ratnamala or Vanamala whose beauty has no equal!

60      O lover of a river, O master of the demigods, O guru of the demigods’ guru, I know who You are.  Auspiciousnss to You!  Go! Go from My asrama!

61      Again and again You act like a human!  Rake, enter a human womb!  Leave Goloka and go to Bharata-varsa!

62      O Susila, Sasikala, Padmavati, Madhavi, stop this criminal!  What need have we for Him?

63      After hearing Radha’s words, the gopis spoke to Lord Hari words there were beneficial, truthful, gentle, sweet, and appropriate to that circumstance.

64      Some said: “O Lord Hari, for a moment go to another place.  When Radha’s anger subsides we will bring You here.”

65      Some very affectionately said: “Go home for a moment.  You make Radha blissful.  Except for You, who can protect Her.

66      O sage, out of love for Radha some gopis said to Lord Hari: “For a moment go to Vrndavana forest until Her anger subsides.”

67      Some joked to the Lord: “O passionate one, by devotedly serving Her You will appease the jealous anger of Your passionate beloved.”

68      Some said the to Lord: “Go to another wife in the meantime, O Lord, we will bring the result You earnestly desire.”

69      Some stood smiling before Lord Hari and said: “Go to Her and pacify Her jealous anger.”

70      Some gopis spoke harshly to the Lord of their lives: “Who can see Radha’s lotus face now?”

71      Some said to the all-powerful Lord: “O Lord Hari, go to another place, and when Her anger is over You may return.”

72      Some beautiful and arrogant gopis said to Him: “IF You don’t go to another’s home, we will force You to go.”

73      Some beautiful gopis then surrounded the smiling, peaceful, and cheerful Supreme Lord of all and prevented Him from entering.

74      Forced by the gopis, Lord Hari, who is the first cause of the world’s causes, left and went to another’s home.  Then Shridama became angry.

75      His lotus eyes now red, Shridama angrily spoke to the supreme goddesss, Shri Radha, whose lotus eyes were also red with anger.

76      Shridama said: O mother, why do You speak these harsh words to m master?  O goddess, You rebuke Him without any consideration and for no reason.

77-79  You mock the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the master of Brahma, Ananta, Siva and is the master of Sarasvati, Laksmi, Laya, Maya and Prakrti, who is beyond the modes of material nature, who is self-satisfied, and whose desires are all fulfilled.  Know that it is only because of Your service to Him and Your worship of His feet that You have become the best of goddesses and the queen of all.  O beautiful one, You do not understand Him.  How can I have the power to describe Him?

80      With a playful bend in His eyebrows He can create many millions of millions of goddesses like You.  You do not understand Him, the Lord who is beyond the modes of material nature.

81      In Vaikuntha goddess Laksmi eternally serves Lord Hari with great devotion.  She washes His lotus feet and dries them with her own hair.

82      With devotion Sarasvati always praises Him with beautiful prayers that are nectar for the ears.  You do not understand Him, the great Supreme Personality of Godhead.

83      Frightened goddess Maya, who is the material energy and the personified life of all conditioned souls, always praises Him with devotion.  O proud one, You do not understand Him.

84      Although they eternally offer prayers to Him, the Vedas cannot understand even one sixteenth of His glory.  O beautiful one, You do not understand Him.

85      O goddess, with his four heads powerful Brahma, the father of the Vedas, glorifies Krishna.  Brahma serves His lotus feet.

86      With this five heads, the guru of the yogis, offers prayers to Lord Krishna.  His eyes filled with tears and the hairs of his body erect, he serves Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.

87      With His thousand heads Ananta Sesa again and again offers prayers to Lord Krishna, the all-pervading Supersoul.  He devotedly serves Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.

88      Dharma, who is the protector and witness of everyone and the master of the worlds, happily and devotedly serves Lord Krishna’s feet always.

89      All-powerful Lord Vishnu, who resides in Svetadvipa and is His partial incarnation, meditates on Lord Krishna as the Supreme at every moment.

90      The demigods, demons, sages, kings, manus, humans and philosophers serve Him though they cannot see His lotus feet even in a dream.

91      At once abandon Your pride and worship the lotus feet of Lord Hari, who merely by the play of bending His eyebrow destroys the material creation.

92      Brahma’s lifetime is an eye-blink for Lord Krishna.  Twenty-eight Indras live their lives in Brahma’s day.

93      Brahma lives for 108 years calculated in this way.  O Radha, You and the gopis and everyone and everything are under my master’s dominion.

94      Hearing Shridama’s very harsh and forceful words, She became suddenly angry.  She stood up and spoke to him.

95      Going outside, Her hair loosened, Her lotus eyes reds, and Her lips trembling, She harshly spoke to him.

96      Shri Radha said: Rogue! Fool! Servant of a rake! Listen.  I don’t know your master.  You know everything about Him.

97      O lowest wretch in Vraja, Shri Krishna is your master and not Mine?  You praise your father and rebuke your mother.

98      As the demons always insult the demigods, so you always insult Me!  Therefore, O fool, become a demon!

99      Gopa, leave Goloka and go to a demoness’ womb.  Fool, now I have cursed you.  Who can protect you?

100     After thus cursing him, the queen of the rasa dance became silent.  Then, with jewelled-handled camaras in their hands, Her friends served Her.

101     After hearing Her words, his lips trembling in anger, Shridama cursed Her: Go to the womb of a human woman!

102     You are angry like a human woman, therefore become a human woman on the earth!  Mother, I have cursed You.  Of this there is no doubt.

103     You will be eclipsed by a part of Your own shadow.  The fools on the earth will say you are the wife of a petty king.

104     That petty king will be a partial incarnation of Lord Hari.  He will be a great yogi born in a human womb because of Radha’s curse on him.

105     In Gokula You will attain Lord Krishna.  You will stay with Him in the forest there and enjoy pastimes with Him.  You will be separated from Him for a hundred years and then You will attain Him, Your Lord, again and return with Him to Goloka.

106     After speaking these words and after bowing down before Radha, Shridama went to Lord Hari.  Bowing down before Lord Krishna, Shridama narrated the story of the cursings.

107     Shridama wept as never before.  As weeping Shridama was about to go to the earth, Lord Krishna said to him:

108     You will become the king of demons.  In the three worlds no one will defeat you.

109     After fifty yugas Siva’s spear will make you leave that body and with My blessings you will return to Me.

110     After hearing Lord Krishna’s words, grieving Shridama said to Him: You will never transform me into a person that has no devotion for You.

111     Saying this Shridama left his own asrama.  Then, weeping again and again, Radha came there.

112     Saintly Radha loudly lamented, “Child, where are you going?”  Then Shridama became Sankhacuda, the husband of Tulasi.

113     When Shridama had left, Goddess Radha approached Lord Hari.  She told Him everything and He spoke to Her.

114     Lord Krishna told everything to His grieving beloved.  Then, in the course of time, Shridama became Sankhacuda and then returned to the Lord.

115     In the Varaha-kalpa Radha went with Lord Hari to the earth.  O sage, She attained a birth in Gokula in King Vrsabhanu’s home.

116     In this way I have spoken the transcendental narrations of Lord Krishna, which everyone yearns to hear.  What more do you wish to hear?

Chapter Four


Description of Goloka


1        Shri Narada said: Asked by whom, and for what reason did Lord Krishna, the master of the universes, come to the earth? O best of the knowers of the Vedas, please tell.

2        Shri Narayana Rsi said: In ancient times, during the Varaha-kalpa, bearing a great burden and filled with grief, the earth took shelter of the demigod Brahma.

3        Accompanied by hosts of demigods, who were all unhappy at heart to be so troubled by the demons, she went to the assembly of Brahma, which is very difficult to attain.

4        There she saw Brahma, the king of the demigods, who shone with spiritual power, who was cheerfully served by the kings of the rsis, munis and siddhas...

5        ...who happily smiled as he glanced at the Apsaras dancing and listened to the Gandarvas beautiful singing,...

6        ...and who chanted the two most sacred syllables Krs-na, the hairs of his body erect and his eyes filled with tears of the ecstasy of devotion.

7        O sage, accompanied by the demigods, the earth goddess then devotedly offered here respectful obeisances to four-faced Brahma and told him how she was burdened by the demons.

8        The hairs of her body erect and her eyes filled with tears, she offered prayers and wept.  Brahma, the creator of the universe said to her: Why do you offer prayers and weep?

9        O beautiful one, why have you come?  Please tell.  It will be auspicious.  Be steady.  O beautiful one, why are you afraid of me?

10      Brahma comforted the earth-goddess and then respectfully asked the demigods, why have you come to me?

11      Hearing Brahma’s words, the demigods said to Prajapati Brahma: O Lord, the earth is overcome by the demons and we also are in the demons’ grip.

12      You are the creator of the worlds.  Please stop (the demons).  O Brahma, the earth has taken shelter of you.  You should stop (the demons).

13      O grandfather, the earth is now tormented by the burden (of many demons).  We are also tortured by them.  Please remove the burden (they have brought).

14      After hearing the demigods’ words, Brahma, the creator of the worlds said to the earth-goddess: Child, throw your fears far away.  Stand happily before me.

15      O Lotus-eyed one, who has brought this burden you cannot bear?  O beautiful one, I will take away your burden.  Things will be auspicious for you.  That is certain.

16      When she heard these words, even though she was anxious and unhappy, she made her eyes and face cheerful and she anxiously spoke to him.

17      The earth goddess said: Father, please listen and I will tell the suffering in my heart.  I cannot tell this to any but a  faithful friend.

18      A weak woman should always be protected by her father, husband, sons and other relatives.

19      O father of the worlds, you created me.  I am not shy to tell you.  Listen, and I will tell you who has brought the burden that crushes me.

20      I cannot bear the burden of carrying great sinners that have no devotion to Lord Krishna and that blaspheme the devotees.

21      I am crushed by carrying the burden of they who do not perform their religious duties, who never do what they should, and who have no faith in the Vedas.

22      I cannot carry the burden of they who do not maintain their father, mother, guru, wife, sons and grandsons.

23      I am crushed by the burden of carrying they who speak lies, who have neither mercy nor truth, and who insult their spiritual masters.

24      I am crushed by the burden of carrying they who become enemies to their friends, who are ungrateful, who bear false witness, who are faithless, and who rob what is given them to protect.

25      I am crushed by the burden of carrying they who sell the auspicious Vedic prayers and hymns and the most auspicious name of Lord Hari.

26      I am crushed by carrying the burden of murderers, they who become enemies of their spiritual master, brahmanas who misuse the Vedic rituals, they who hunt animals, they who have transformed their body into a crematorium for burning the flesh of dead animals, and brahmanas who eat what sudras offer them.

27      I am crushed by the burden of carrying the fools who hinder the performance of worship, yajna, fasting, vows and sense-control.

28      I am crushed by carrying the burden of sinners who hate the cows, brahmanas, demigods, Vaishnavas, Lord Hari and devotion to hearing the glories of Lord Hari.

29      O Brahma, these demons crush me even more than Sankhacuda crushed me in the past.

30      I, who have no shelter, have told you everything.  Please give me shelter.  O Lord, please solve my problem.

31      After speaking these words the earth-goddess wept again and again.  Seeing her weep, Brahma, who was an ocean of kindness said to her: I will remove the burden of these demons.

32      O earth, the remedy will come.  In due course of time my master will remove your burden.

33-39  O beautiful one, the foolish demons that now place on you yantras, mangala-kumbhas, Siva-lingas, kunkuma, honey, sticks, sandal paste, musk, the dust of holy places, swords, gandaka swords, crystal, padmaraga jewels, sapphires, suryakanta jewels, rudraksa beads, kusa grass, Salagrama-silas, conchshells, tulasi, Deities, water, lamps, stone Deities, bells, offerings of flowers and food, emeralds, knotted sacred threads, mirrors, white camaras, gorocana, pearls, oyster shells, manikya jewels, the Puranas, fire, camphor, axes, silver, gold, red coral, jewels, kusa-brahmanas, water from holy places, milk, cow urine, and cow dung, will burn on the rope of time for ten thousand years.

40      In this way Brahma comforted the earth-goddess.  Then, accompanied by her and the demigods, Brahma, the creator of the worlds, went to Lord Siva’s abode, Mount Kailasa.

41      Coming to that beautiful asrama, Brahma saw, staying under an eternal banyan tree by the shore of a river, Lord Siva...

42      ...who wore a tigerskin garment, who was decorated with the bones of Daksa’s daughter, who held a spear and trident, who had three eyes on each of his five faces,...

43      ...who was surrounded by siddhas and served by the kings of yoga, who happily smiled as he glanced at the dancing of the apsaras,...

44      ...who listened to the tumultuous music of the Gandharvas, who affectionately glanced at Parvati with crooked eyes,...

45      ...and who, the hairs of his body erect in ecstasy, with his five mouths chanted Lord Hari’s auspicious holy name on bead made from lotus seeds in the heavenly Ganga.

46      In that place Brahma, the earth-goddess and the bowing demigods stood before Lord Siva.

47      Lord Siva stood up and for a long time gazed at Brahma, the master of the universe.  Lord Siva affectionately bowed his head and accepted Brahma’s blessing.

48      The demigods bowed down before Lord Siva and the earth goddess also bowed down with devotion.  Lord Siva gave them his blessing.

49      Brahma told the news to Lord Siva, the husband of Parvati.  Lord Siva, who is kind to the devotees, at once bowed his head when he heard it.

50      When, hearing of the devotees’ sufferings, Siva and Parvati became unhappy, Brahma comforted them.

51      Carefully reassuring them, Brahma and Siva then sent the earth-goddess and the demigods to their homes.

52      Then Brahma and Siva at once went to Yamaraja’s palace.  After some thought, all three went to Lord Hari’s abode,...

53      ...the supreme realm of Vaikuntha, where old-age and death do not exist, which is situated in the spiritual sky above the material universes,...

54      ...which is ten million yojanas above Brahmaloka, which is eternal, which poets and philosophers cannot describe, which is wonderful, and which is made of jewels.

Note: a yojana is equal to eight miles.

55      Travelling at the speed of mind, they went to that beautiful place, where the royal paths are paved with rubies and sapphires.  Entering Lord Hari’s palace, the three demigods saw Lord Hari,...

56      ...who sat on a jewel throne, was decorated with jewel ornaments, and was splendid with jewel bracelets, armlets, and anklets,...

57      ...whose cheeks were splendid with jewel earrings, who wore yellow garments, who was decorated with a forest garland,...

58      ...who was peaceful, who was dear to Sarasvati, whose lotus feet were massaged by Laksmi, who was playful as millions of Kamadevas, who smiled, who had four arms,...

59      ...who was served by His associates Sunanda, Nanda, and Kumuda, whose entire body was anointed with sandal paste, and who was splendid with a beautiful jewel crown.

60      To Lord Hari, whose form was full of transcendental bliss, and who was overcome with kindness to the devotees, the three demigods headed by Brahma bowed down, O sage, with devotion.

61      Overcome with transcendental bliss, the hairs of the bodies erect, and their necks bowed with devotion, they offered prayers with great devotion.

62      Shri Brahma said: I offer my respectful obeisances to the infallible and peaceful Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the beloved of Laksmi and the master of all.  We demigods are parts of the parts of the parts of the parts of the parts of Him.

63      O Lord untouched by matter, the Manus, the kings of sages, the human beings, and the moving and unmoving entities are parts of the parts of the parts of the parts of You.

64-65  Shri Siva said: Who has the power to properly glorify You, the immortal and imperishable Supreme Personality of Godhead, who are the supreme controller and enjoyer, beginningless, the beginning of all, whose form is filled with bliss, whose form contains everything, who is the origin of the mystic perfections beginning with anima, who is the cause of all, whose knowledge is perfect, who grants perfection, and who is the form of perfection?

66      Shri Yamaraja said: Who has the power to describe that being whom the wise say is the topic of the Vedas, but whom the Vedas fail to describe?

67      The (material mind) can understand forms created by the modes of material nature, but You are not touched by the modes of nature.  How can I offer prayers to You?

68      O great sage, a person who reads these prayers of the demigods headed by Brahma, prayers spoken in eloquent verse, become free from difficulties and attains his desire.

69      After hearing the demigods’ prayers, Lord Hari said to them: You go to Goloka and I will follow with goddess Laksmi.

70      Nara-Narayana, who live in Svetadvipa, will go to Goloka, and goddess Sarasvati will also go.

71      Ananta, My Maya, Karttikeya, Ganesa and Savitri, the mother of the Vedas, will also follow.

72      Here I am with Laksmi and My associates headed by Sunanda.  There I am two-armed Krishna, with Radha and the gopis.

73      I am Narayana and I am Krishna.  I am the Lord whom resides in Svetadvipa.  All the demigods headed by Brahma are considered My partial expansions.

74      The living entities headed by the demigods, demons, and human beings are parts of the parts of the parts of the parts of Me.  You go to Goloka and your goal will be accomplished (in the end).

75      To fulfil your desire, we will follow you.  After speaking these words in the assembly, Lord Hari became silent.

76      Bowing down, all the demigods went to Goloka, the wonderful transcendental abode, which is free of old-age, and death,...

77      ...and which, by the wish of the all-powerful Lord, is situated five hundred million yojanas above Vaikuntha in the spiritual sky.

78      The demigods were eager to go to that place beyond description.  Travelling at the speed of mind, they all went to the shore of the Viraja river.

79      The demigods became filled with wonder when they saw that beautiful and broad riverbank splendid with pure crystal,...

80      ...glittering with pearls, rubies, parasa jewels, and many kinds of blue, white, green and red jewels,...

81      ...somewhere beautiful with coral grass and decorated with priceless transcendental gems,...

82      ...somewhere filled with treasuries of rubies and sapphires Brahma had never seen before,...

83      somewhere filled with treasuries of emeralds, somewhere syamantaka jewels, and somewhere rucaka jewels,...

84      ...somewhere filled with treasuries of topaz, somewhere kaustubha jewels, and somewhere other jewels,...

85      ...somewhere filled with treasuries of jewels that are beyond description, and somewhere filled with beautiful and delightful pastime places.

86      After gazing at this place, the (three) demigods crossed to the farther shore, where they saw a beautiful mountain with a hundred peaks,...

87      ...splendid with parijata trees, filled with kalpa-vrksa trees and surabhi cows,...

88      ...ten million yojanas high, ten times as long, and five hundred millions yojanas wide,...

89      ...on its peak a beautiful walled rasa-dance circle ten yojanas across,...

90      ...with a thousand gardens of fragrant blossoming flowers attended by swarms of black bees,...

91      ...splendid with jewelled pastime palaces and with a thousand multiplied by ten million jewel pavilions,...

92-93  ...splendid with jewel staircases, beautiful jewel domes, and a splendid emerald pillar studded with rubies and its middle decorated with beautiful sapphires,...

94      ...splendid with jewel walls and four gates of many jewels,...

95      ...with many mango  trees tied with diamonds, and with many banana trees,...

96      ...with the leaves of white-rice plants, with fruits, and with durva grass, anointed with sandal, aguru, musk and kunkuma,...

97      ...filled, O sage with many millions of youthful gopis decorated with jewel ornaments, splendid with jewel necklaces,...

98      ...decorated with jewel bracelets, armlets, and anklets, their cheeks splendid with jewel earrings,...

99      ...their fingers beautifully decorated with jewel rings, their toes splendid with a network of jewels,...

100     ...decorated with jewel ornaments, splendid with jewel crowns, their nostrils splendidly decorated with a gajendra-pearl ornament,...

101     ...the place below their curly hair splendid with a dot of red sindura, their complexions the colour of beautiful campaka flowers, (their limbs) anointed with sandal paste,...

102     ...dressed in yellow garments, their beautiful lips bimba fruits, the splendour of their faces eclipsing the autumn moonlight,...

103     ...their eyes eclipsing the beauty of lotuses blooming in autumn, their eyes glistening with black kajjala and designs drawn in musk,...

104     ...their braids decorated with malata blossoms that attract black bees greedy for nectar,...

105     ...their graceful motions defeating the elephants and khanjana birds, the crooked motions of their curved eyebrows suggesting a slight smile,...

106     ...splendid with teeth like ripe pomegranate seeds, decorated with raised noses opulent like the king of birds’ beak,...

107     ...their heavy breasts like the elephant king’s cheeks, their thighs firm and their hips broad,...

108     ...their hearts wounded by Kama’s arrows, passionately yearning to gaze on the full moon of (Lord Krishna’s) face...

109     ...(their forms) beautiful, attached to serving Shri Radha’s lotus feet, and by Radha’s order engaged in protecting that place,...

110     ...which was always filled with a hundred thousand pastime lakes filled with red and white lohita lotuses, splendid padma lotuses, sweetly humming black bees,...

111     ...and which had a thousand gardens of blossoming flowers and many forest cottages with couches of flowers,...

112     ...betel nuts and camphor, jewel lamps, white camaras,...

113     ...and wonderful, beautiful, and colourful flower garlands.  O sage, after seeing this rasa dance circle, the (three) demigods left that mountain.

114     Then they saw Radha-Krishna’s favourite forest, which was named Vrndavana forest, which was extraordinarily beautiful and charming,...

115     ...which was a place where Radha and Krishna enjoyed pastimes, which was filled with kalpa-vrksa trees and gentle breezes carrying drops of water from the shore of the Viraja river,...

116     ...which was fragrant with musk designs everywhere, filled with new sprouts and with the cooing of cuckoos,...

117     ...beautiful with somewhere keli-kadamba trees, somewhere mandara trees, somewhere sandal trees, and somewhere campaka trees,...

118     ...scented with fragrant flowers of mango, nagaranga and panasa trees,...

119     ...filled with forests of tala, coconut, jambu, badari, kharjura,...

120     ...guvakamrataka, jambira, banana, shriphala, and pomegranate trees, O Narada,...

121     ...splendid with many piyala, sala, and banyan trees, with many trees bearing ripe tala fruits,...

122     ...with many beautiful nimba, salmali, tintidi, and with other kinds of trees,...

123     ...splendid with many kalpa-vrksa trees everywhere, with mallika, malati, kunda, ketaki, and madhavi vines,...

124     ...with many yuthika flowers, with five hundred million forest cottages, O sage,...

125     ...with jewel lamps, with decorations fragrant with incense, with fragrant breezes,...

126     ...and with beds made of flowers decorated with a network of flower garlands and scented with sandal filled with sweet sounds of bees greedy for nectar,...

127     ...filled with gopis beautifully decorated with jewel ornaments, by Radha’s order protected by five hundred million gopis,...

128     ...filled with thirty-two forests of which beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, secluded Vrndavana is the best,...

129     ...filled, O sage, with many perfectly ripe, sweet, delicious fruits, filled with many cows and barns,...

130     ...filled with a thousand fragrant gardens of blossoming flowers (attracting) hosts of bees greedy for nectar,...

131     ...and splendid with the jewel homes of five hundred million gopas whose forms were like Shri Krishna’s.

132     After gazing at beautiful Vrndavana, the (three) demigods went to circular Goloka, which was ten million yojanas in size,...

133     ...which was surrounded by a jewel wall with four gates protected by many gopa gatekeepers,...

134     ...and which had five hundred million asramas of Lord Krishna’s servants, asramas studded with jewels and filled with many delightful things,...

135 billion asramas of Lord Krishna’s devotees, asramas even more beautifully made of many jewels,...

136 hundred million asramas of Lord Krishna’s associates, asramas even more beautifully made of precious jewels,...

137     ...ten million jewel asramas of the Lord’s intimate associates, whose forms were like Lord Krishna’s,...

138     ...320 million jewel asramas of gopis purely devoted to Shri Radha,...

139 hundred million beautiful jewel asramas of these gopis’ maidservants,...

140-44 ...and one billion beautiful asramas of they who, purified by austerities in a hundred births, became very firm devotees on earth in Bharata-varsa, awake or asleep rapt in meditation on Lord Hari, and chanting “Radha-Krishna! Krishna!” day and night, asramas made of many jewels, filled with many delightful things, splendid with flower couches, flower garlands, white camaras, jewel mirrors, many sapphires, curtains of fine cloth, and roofs decorated with many domes made of priceless jewels.

145     After gazing at this wonderful place, the (three) demigods went a little further and happily saw a beautiful and eternal banyan tree,...

146     ...five yojanas across and twice as many high, with a thousand trunks and countless branches,...

147     ...and beautiful with jewel platforms and many ripe jewel fruits.  At the root of that tree the demigods saw many cowherd boys who had forms like Lord Krishna,...

148     ...and who were dressed in yellow garments, attached to playing, handsome, decorated with jewel ornaments, and all of whose limbs were anointed with sandal paste.

149     The demigods gazed at these close associates of Lord Hari and then looked far away at the beautiful royal path,...

150     ..which was paved with sapphires, rubies, diamonds, rucaka jewels, and jewels the colour of red sindura,...

151     ...which had many benches and jewel pavilions, which was anointed with sandal, aguru, musk, and kunkuma,...

152-3  ...which was splendid with many banana trees decorated with yoghurt drops, leaves, rice, fruit, flowers, sandal anointed flowers strung on fine threads, kunkuma, auspicious jewel bells, and branches filled with fruit,...

154     ...decorated with flower garlands anointed with sindura, kunkuma, and fragrant sandal,...

155     ...and filled with many playful gopis.

156-8  Then, seeing in the distance a beautiful place surrounded by a moat and jewel walls with sixteen gates guarded by gatekeepers, splendid with jewel stairways, beautiful curtains more pure than fire, mirrors, white camaras, wonderful jewel beds, and flower garlands and anointed with sandal, aguru, musk, and kunkuma, the demigods became very eager to proceed.

159     O Narada, after going a short distance they saw the beautiful asrama of Radha, who is the queen of the rasa dance,...

160     ...the queen of the demigods, the best of the gopis, and She who to Lord Krishna is more dear than life, a beautiful, beautiful asrama,...

161     ..that was completely indescribable, that no great pandita could describe, that was a great circle of six gavyutis,...

Note: A gavyuti is equal to two miles.

162     ...that had a hundred palaces, shone with the splendour of many jewels, was made of the best of the best of priceless jewels,...

163     ...was beautiful with many impassable deep moats, filled with a hundred flower gardens and many kalpa-vrksa trees, constructed with many jewels, surrounded by great walls,...

164     ...and was made with jewel benches and seven wonderful jewel gates, O sage,...

165     ...and a series of seven gates that led, one after the other, to a place of sixteen gates.

166     Gazing at this great wall as tall as a thousand bows and splendidly beautiful with many small jewel domes, the (three) demigods became filled with wonder.

167     Keeping it on their right, they happily went a small distance behind that asrama.

168     There they saw a billion asramas of many gopas and gopis.

169     They gazed again and again at the beautiful, beautiful ever new asramas of the gopas and gopis.

170     After thus seeing all of Goloka, the demigods returned to the beautiful circle of Vrndavana forest.

171     The demigods saw the mountain of a hundred peaks and went past it to the Viraja river.  When they went past the Viraja river they saw nothing more.

172-3  Thus the demigods gazed at auspicious, wonderful, spiritual Goloka, which had a thousand lakes, which was made of jewels, and which, by the will of Lord Krishna and the wisdom of Shri Radha, was situated in the spiritual sky.  The demigods then gazed at the beautiful dancing they saw there.

174     Then. O sage, as they heard beautiful, beautifully rhythmic, nectar songs there about the glories of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, the demigods fainted.

175     Regaining consciousness in a moment, and their thoughts now fixed on Lord Krishna, the demigods gazed at the many beauties and wonders there in place after place.

176     They saw all the beautiful gopis dressed in many different kinds of garments, some with mrdangas in their hands, some with vinas in their hands,...

177     ...some with camaras in their hands, some with karatalas in their hands, some with various musical instruments in their hands, some making their jewel anklets tinkle melodiously,...

178     ...some making a whole network of jewel ornaments tinkle, some spontaneously dancing as they carried jugs on their heads,...

179     ...some dressed as men with others dressed as their heroines, some dressed as Krishna with others dressed as Radha,...

180     ...some in the mood of separation, and others happily embracing each other.  As they gazed at these playful gopis, the (three) demigods smiled.

181     O Narada, going a little further, they saw the asramas of Radha’s friends, and then the homes of Her dearest friends,...

182     ...who in beauty, virtues, dress, appearance, youthful spirit, good fortune, and age were just like Her.

183     Now please hear the names of Shri Radha’s thirty-three gopi friends, who are beyond description.

184     They are Susila, Sasikala, Yamuna, Madhavi, Rati, Kadambamala, Kunti, Jahnavi, Svayamprabha,...

185     ...Candramukhi, Padmamukhi, Savitri, Sudhamukhi, Subha, Padma, Parijata, Gauri, Sarvamangala,...

186     ...Kalika, Kamala, Durga, Bharati, Sarasvati, Gangambika, Madhumati, Campaparna, Sundari,...

187     ...Krishnapriya, Sati, Nandani, and Nandana, their forms were like Shri Radha’s.  Their asramas were made of jewels,...

188     ...decorated with many wonders, beautiful, splendid with many domes of priceless jewels,...

189     ...splendid, and made with the best of jewels.  This world is beyond the material world.  There is no world higher than this.

190     Above this there is nothing.  What exists culminates in this world.  In the same way, there is nothing below the seven realms of Rasatala.

191     Below them is only impassable and invisible water and darkness.  Now you have heard from me all about the boundaries of the universe and what lies beyond the universe.