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Nama Hatta


Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s great contributions are manifold. One of the greatest is Nama Hatta. He set up the Nama hatta. It had as commodities:

1.       The holy name.

2.       The holy name related to the Lord’s form.

3.       “          “                         “                   qualities

4.       “          “                         “                   pastimes

5.       “          “                         “                   bhava

6.       “          “                         “                   prema


You could buy sraddha for 1 cent, Nistha for 5 cents, ruci for 20 cents, asakti for 25 cents, bhava for a dollar, and prema for a gold coin.


He had various venues: bazaars — holy places or temples, shops —  small centres with a few members, travelling salesmen, sales agents or brokers who would bring interested people to the shops or bazaars.


No false currency accepted, otherwise you automatically get namabhasa and not the pure name.


Different posts:

1.       The leaders who make policy decisions

2.       The market reporter.

3.       Scale operator who checks the payments.

4.       Keeper of the keys to all the doors to all the different departments selling the different forms of the name

5.       Labourers- who deliver the goods

6.       Watchman who checks to see if anyone is trying to steal the name.

7.       Bookkeeper

8.       Janitor.


Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura took the role of janitor. Keeping the place clean


om yasya dvirata vaktradya parisadya parasata
vighnam nighnanti satatam visvaksenam samasraye


"I take refuge of the plenary portion of the Personality of Godhead, Lord Visvaksena, the elephant faced one, the leader of the assembly.  It is He who constantly destroys all obstacles."