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Letters from His Divine Grace

With My Eternal Blessings, Shri Siddhanta Saraswati


LrRi Chaitanya MaÊh, LrRi MRiyRipur

December 22nd, 1927


I received your letter yesterday from ——.  Quite a while ago, before I even went to the western states, I received another letter from you.  Since I was travelling all the time, I could not send a timely reply. You have probably read in the GauÎiya magazine about our festivals at different places in the western region.  You may have heard about them from some devotees also.  Everywhere all the good people were very happy to hear about LrRi MahRiprabhu.

          LrRi NavadvRip DhRima is the most cherished place in the hearts of the devotees of the Lord.  Everywhere in this place one remembers the Lord.  That is why we feel this great desire to live here for quite a while.  If I am needed elsewhere for the service of the Lord then I have to go there, to Calcutta for example.  LrRiman MahRiprabhu is extremely merciful; that is why even in a place like Calcutta he has kept many devotees.  At the GauÎiya MaÊh there is always hari-kathRi, and everyone there is always intoxicated with devotional service.  Just as MahRirRija Parik›Rit listened to the LrRimad BhRigavatam in his last days, in the same way, I desire the association of these devotees in my last days.  Where there is no hari-kathRi, it does not matter how many friends and relatives are there or how comfortable that place is; in my last days, such places and such association seems extremely unnecessary and undesirable to me.  By the mercy of the Supreme Lord I see everywhere, in all the maÊhs, the inclination to serve the Lord, and I think of the mercy of MahRiprabhu.  How I was spending my life enjoying material pleasures before!  Instead today I have been granted the association of devotees and the opportunity for devotional service, everywhere I go.  If we can spend the rest of our lives, the last days, in this way, then we do not have to live a painful life, averse to devotional service.

          You have said that you cannot thank your luck because you cannot hear Hari-kathRi from those who are eager for devotional service.  But it is only your constant desire to serve the Lord that is keeping you separate from others, for the time being.  Please always read the GauÎiya magazine and other books written by devotees—that will have the same effect as hearing Hari-kathRi directly from devotees.

          Even though in this world we don’t get to meet many devotees from the spiritual world, the conversations and pastimes of the devotees of MahRiprabhu’s time eternally exist in the form of books and sound, and that is why we do not feel so much pain from material troubles.  If we live here in the association of the words of the spiritual world, then the memory of this association will keep us at a distance from material misery.

          Wherever you may live, topics of the Supreme Lord will never leave you.  In every material situation, you can remember the Supreme Lord and you can understand what is devotion.  When the Supreme Lord will be willing, you will get the opportunity to come back here.  Then you will once more get the opportunity to hear Hari-kathRi.  Whatever situation the Supreme Lord keeps His devotee in makes him happy; we should stay in that situation, forgetting our own miseries.

          The ordinary people of this world cannot understand the topics of the Supreme Lord, of LrRiman MahRiprabhu, of the transcendental character of the devotees.  When the desire to serve the Lord manifests itself in the heart, then one can remember the Lord under all circumstances.

          You are always endeavoring to attain what is spiritually bene?cial; that is why the Lord, through his books, is revealing himself in your heart.  In LrRi Chaitanya BhRigavat it is written


yata dekha vai›ˆavera vyavahRira-duÓkha

niÍcaya jRiniha sei parRinanda-sukha


“Whatever is externally seen as the misery of a Vai›ˆava you should know to be his supreme happiness.”  To test us the Lord is always residing behind this material world.  If we notice his appearance behind each thing then our belief in the external will decrease.


adyapi sei lRilRi kare gaura-rRiya

kona kona bhRigyavRin dekhibRire pRiya


“Even today Lord GaurRi/ga is performing his pastimes, but only a few fortunate souls can see that.”  When will we have such good fortune that we will follow LrRi Gaurasundar everywhere and, by following his instruction, become travellers on the path of bhakti?

          This world is the place where the Lord tests us.  To pass the test we have to hear kRirtan from the devotees of the Lord.  You are hearing that kRirtan through the books.  Therefore you should not think you are lacking in anything.

          Once Hiranya-kaÍipua concluded that the Supreme Lord does not exist in this world.  He tried in many ways to convince PrahlRid of this, and he presented many arguments against the Lord’s existence.  But LrRi NÂsi˜hadeva appeared from a pillar, and Hiranya-kaÍipu and the whole world was bene?tted.  The devotee sees the Lord everywhere, and the non-devotee cannot feel his presence anywhere.

          We are situated in the middle; sometimes we show our attraction for devotional service, the next moment we engage ourselves in material enjoyment.  It is by the desire to serve the Lord that we can control the desire to enjoy the world.  In material enjoyment there is temporary happiness and temporary misery.  But in service to the Lord, our eternal devotion brings joy to the Lord.  To bring him that joy, we can always be engaged in service.  I do not know if you will gain some bene?t for the time being by reading this long letter.  I am quite incapable of expressing myself in articulate language.  Sometimes I remain silent only because I am incapable of making everyone understand everything.

          The work that needs to be done before the festival at the LrRi Chaitanya MaÊh is being done now.  At the house of MahRiprabhu, on the south side of Gaura-kunÎa a house is being built with lions at the door.


With my eternal blessings,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



Patiala House, Delkhusa

4 Hope Road, Lucknow, Cant


November 3rd, 1931


I have received your long letter.  I have also received four or ?ve letters from —— MahRirRija.  The people there are very materialistic, therefore their conduct is also like that.  If we patiently tolerate that, then they will eventually regret their bad conduct.

          None of you should be afraid of the upcoming troublesome monsoon or any diseases.  If diseases come, please embrace them and in due course of time bid them farewell.  LrRila JagannRitha DRisa BRibRiji MahRirRija used to say, “If painful diseases arrive in our body, they will automatically run away very soon, for lack of sumptuous foodstuff.  Only in the bodies of rich, comfort-loving people do they always reside a long time, because they get a lot of indulgence.”  Please try very hard to ?nd provisions for the upcoming festivals of the MaÊh.

With my eternal blessings,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



LrRidhRima MRiyRipur

March 15th, 1915


I have received your affectionate letter dated March 9th, 1915, and gotten all the news.  You please stay where you are and keep chanting LrRi HarinRim regularly.  Also read LrRi Chaitanya BhRigavat and LrRi Chaitanya CharitRimÂta.

          The very language of your letter, which is soft with humility and lively with devotion, is a reflection of your great heart and your devotional service.  LrRi LrRi Gaurasundar is especially merciful to those who are humble and helpless.  Many of us have been extremely happy perceiving your humble demeanor, your gentle nature, your devotion to the Lord, and your inclination for devotional service with indifference to the world.  I am also praying at the lotus feet of LrRiman MahRiprabhu that your enthusiasm for devotional service may increase day by day, you may be respected by everyone, you may progress in spiritual life and you may worship the Lord continuously.  All the devotees here are offering their daˆÎavats to you.  I will be very happy to know that by the mercy of the Lord you are chanting HarinRima without any obstacles.


Your insigni?cant well-wisher,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



LrRi GauÎiya MaÊh, Calcutta

June 26th, 1927


Surrounded by enemies, we are engaged in serving the Lord and his devotees with great determination.  Each of us, more or less, becomes forgetful of service to Krishna, being servants of our six enemies (lust, anger, greed, illusion, pride, and envy).  My prayer to you all is that all of you, please be united and serve the Lord together in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation, having the same goal in your heart.  “EkRikRi RimRira nRihi pRiya bala” (“When I am alone I have no strength.”)—remember this line and perform kRirtan-yajsha in union.  The indispensable quality expected of those who are in charge of the kRirtan-yajsha is that they will have friendship with all Vai›ˆavas; they will engage themselves in devotional service by pleasing all Vai›ˆavas.  I hope with that good quality you will perform all your activities for the festival.

With my eternal blessings,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



Lri Gaudiya Math


July 28th, 1935


Yesterday morning I arrived here from Bombay and received your letter dated the 26th.  We are extremely grief-stricken to hear that —— has left this world to go to his eternal abode.  Everything happens by the will of the Lord.  The Lord picks up first those who are closest to him.  We have no objection to that.  We are suffering due to our own misfortune and lack of quali?cations.  By remembering his attachment for devotional service, we can also gradually enter his destination.  It is necessary to write about him in great detail in such magazines as the Gaudiya and we are planning to provide a memorial spread.  There should also be a ?tting memorial for him, in the form of a service.

          I have not ?nished reading your article yet and have not given it to Pranavananda Prabhu.  Very soon I will give him an article about the New Year.

With my eternal blessings,



Lri Siddhanta Saraswati



LrRi Puru›ottam MaÊh, PurRi

February 20th, 1935


I received your letter written in pencil.  If one has devotion to the Lord then there will be no cause for dissatisfaction.  In this world, we become subject to our own karma by being averse to devotional service.  Due to our past karma, sometimes we enjoy happiness, sometimes we become loving to others, sometimes we suffer misery and sometimes we become inimical to others.  But when we feel the necessity for devotional service, then all material troubles and the desire for happiness do not make any difference to us.  Please engage your mind in devotional service at all times.  Then no one can harm you in any way.  If you live in this world in a ?ckle-minded way, if you show enmity to anyone, then you will not remember to serve the Lord.  Verbal ?ghts, physical ?ghts, mental ?ghts in the form of dissatisfaction, will not let you serve the Lord.  Therefore please become as tolerant as a tree and live in LyRimanta Pashcak to carry out the desire of the Lord; then you will be bene?tted.  Please wait patiently for the day LrRi Gaurahari will take you somewhere else.

With my eternal blessings,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



c/o A.K. Sarkar

Benares Cantonment


May 10th, 1926


I received your affectionate letter dated May 3rd and got all the news.  We have heard that —— has passed away.  Now we have to pray for the well-being of his soul.  Malice towards Vai›ˆavas brings both material and spiritual disaster to the living entity.

          It has become quite hot here in the last few days.  My health is not good.  LrRipRid TRirtha MahRirRija has been preaching Hari-kathRi at MurÍidRibRid [in West Bengal state], BhRigalpur, Munger, JRimRipur, PRitnRi [in BihRir state], etc., with great success.  He has been here in Benares for the last week and has been giving Hari-kathRi at the DasRiÍvamedha GhRiÊ.  Everyone has been listening to his lecture with great appreciation and enthusiasm.  There is an effort now to establish a GauÎiya MaÊh in Benares.  Only by the desire of ViÍvanRith [Lord Liva, the presiding deity of Benares) will it be possible.

LrRiman —— is eager to establish a maÊh in Benares, but because of the excessive heat right now, he does not think this is the right time.  I do not know how long I will stay here.…This world that is averse to the Lord is a place for painful tests.  Tolerance, humility, and praise for others are some of the things which will help us to serve the Lord here.


With my eternal blessings,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



Limekhera, Shillong

October 17th, 1928


Yesterday the professors arrived here safely.  At this time all of us should have gone to Kuruk›etra on the occasion of the solar eclipse and attended to our duties there.  But because of NimRinanda Prabhu’s enthusiasm and earnest request, I was forced to come to Assam state.  Letters and telegrams are coming from Kuruk›etra, one after the other.  You all should go there immediately, without any delay.  What has to be done in Assam can be done later.

          There are only twenty-five days left before the solar eclipse.  People all over Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and central India are quite aware of the festival at Kuruk›etra on the occasion of the coming solar eclipse.  Our estimate is that about two million people will gather there.

          We are preparing a chariot.  We also need tube-wells and temporary tents there.  We also need to send a Medical Relief Mission.  After a long time a solar eclipse will occur.  I will write in brief the significance of this solar eclipse according to GauÎiya Vai›ˆava philosophy.

          It is a very ancient religious practice to bathe at BrahmRisar at Kuruk›etra during the solar eclipse.  Krishna went there with BalarRima on a chariot.  The Vraja-vRisRis also went there for the purpose of bathing at BrahmRisar on the occasion of the solar eclipse.  Therefore the GauÎiya devotees, who desire to unite LrRi-LrRi RRidhRi-Govinda, will take great care to perform their service of worship there.  Remembering this pastime at KurukÍetra, LrRi Gaurasundar sang in front of Lord JagannRith’s chariot to express the intense mood of separation of the gopRis.  For the karmis (fruitive workers) this practice of bathing during the solar eclipse is recommended so their sins will be nulli?ed and they will get the opportunity to take the holy name at a very auspicious moment.

          The jshRinis (the seekers on the path of knowledge) have a desire to merge with the Supreme Lord, who is our goal.  But even though Krishna is the object of the gopRis’ intense hankering and the gopRis are always absorbed in the thought of Krishna, they still want to remain as separate entities from Krishna.

          All kinds of people should be present there.  Please tell TRirtha MahRirRij about this letter.  Both of you please endeavor to make all arrangements for the service of the union of LrRi-LrRi RRidhRi-Govinda with great enthusiasm.

          We will be here for another ?ve or six days.  After that we will go to Calcutta via GoRilpRirRi and DhubÎRi.


With my eternal blessings,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



LrRi GauÎiya MaÊh



October 9th, 1934


          I received your letter dated the 5th and learned of your physical illness.  My prayer to Krishna is that you may feel better and serve Krishna, by his mercy.  We have to accept whatever situation we ?nd ourselves in by Krishna’s arrangement.  To desire physical well-being only to serve Krishna is also favorable for devotion.  What the non-devotee wants when he tries to get some service from the Lord, by getting a cure for his illness so he can continue his bad habits, is not acceptable to us.  But it is de?nitely an adorable practice to pray to Lord NÂsi˜hadeva, who destroys all obstacles, and Lord GaneÍa, who gives success by destroying obstacles—for the purpose of continuing one’s service to Krishna.

          You should know that your name is LrRi DayRimaya BhRigavat DRis AdhikRirRi (“one who has attained the privilege of serving the merciful Lord”).  We are going to MathurRi the day after tomorrow to observe UrjRi-vrata.  I hope you are rendering your service without trouble.

With my eternal blessings,


LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi



LrRi GauÎiya MaÊh



July 29th, 1935

Yesterday morning we arrived at Calcutta from Bombay.

          I see that some difference is arising between the concept of the devotees and that of the householders who consider themselves superior devotees.  We can see from the realization that was expressed by LrRidhar MahRirRij from Delhi that our only worshippable objects are the Supreme Lord and His devotees.  Only by serving the Supreme Lord and His devotees can our inclination to serve our own families be decreased.  But those who are residing in LrRidhRima now may become so-called “superior devotees” by following the sahajiyRis of KuliyRi.  Then they may think that the servitors of the maÊh are their servitors.  Then these residents of LrRidhRima, may think they are the worshippable objects of VaikuˆÊha, instead of thinking of how to serve the holy dhRima.  One resides in LridhRima only to serve the devotees.  Therefore if instead of serving the Lord and His devotees, they harbor some expectation from the devotees and express dissatisfaction with them, then instead of doing LrRidhRima-sevRi (serving the holy dhRima) they commit the offense of LrRidhRima-bhoga (enjoying the holy dhRima).  Instead of enjoying the holy dhRima one should live in some other enjoyable place and serve the devotees of the holy dhRima from a distance.  If the devotees of the maÊha do not have the means right now to pay off their ?nancial debt to those who want to enjoy the LrRidhRima, then in the future the devotees may try to give these people their money back, so they can live in comfort.  A list should be made of the amount each of them has spent in their effort to enjoy the holy dhRima.


With my eternal blessings,

LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi


Delhi GauÎRiya Math, New Delhi, December 4, 1931


          I received your card dated November 26 and another letter following that. LrRimad BhRigavatam has instructed us not to praise or criticize others’ nature or activities. It is said also in LrRi Chaitanya BhRigavata that one goes to hell by criticizing others. My instruction to you is not to criticize others, but to correct and purify yourself.

          I am forced to criticize my own disciples and those who have come to me for instruction. I do not understand why you would go out of your way to try to perform such a difficult task.


The servant of the Harijans,

LrRi SiddhRinta SaraswatRi


LrRi EkRiyan MaÊha, Krishnanagar, July 13, 1930


          I completely support the work you are doing in the state of rissRim to distribute the mercy of LrRi Chaitanya MahRiprabhu. Indeed you have received the mantra of the holy name. As a result of that you will realize the meaning of the message of LrRi Chaitanyadeva—RimRira




Translated from the Bengali:


PrabhupRida, LrRila BhaktisiddhRinta SaraswatRi, PrabhupRider PatrRivali, 5th ed. Vols. 1-3, MRiyRipur, NadiyRi: TridaˆÎi-Bhik›u LrRi Bhakti PrajshRina Yati MahRirRija, LrRi Chaitanya MaÊha, 1991.