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Title: The Song of the Glories of Gauranga's Name

User: Damodara Svarupa dasa      Date: 2005-04-03 20:28:11


The Song of the Glories of Gauranga's Name -- By Swami Gaurangapada


Based on Shri Shikshashtaka, the eight Sanskrit verses composed

by the Supreme Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself.


Sing Aloud, sing aloud Gauranga's Name in prayers,

That cleanses mind's mirror of sins' countless layers.

Chant aloud, O chant aloud Nitai Gauranga's sweet Names,

That rid life's fires and the fury of lusty flames.


Drink deep of the Fount of Gauranga's Name's might,

It is the supreme distributor of auspiciousness and golden moonlight.

Utter Gauranga, utter Gauranga, utter Nitai Gauranga's Names,

That enliven Nadia, Puri and Vraja's Holy Lanes………………1


Delve deep, delve deep in Gauranga's lovely Name,

It swells ecstasy's tide and sets pure love aflame.

Shout Nityananda, Shout Gauranga with all your might and main,

Then Nectar sure shall saturate your soul's innermost grain.


Cry Nityananda cry Gauranga, constantly aloud and bold,

Thus win over Gauranga and He will allow you in His fold.

Sing Nityananda, sing Gauranga - the two Enchanters of hearts sore,

They envelope the soul with Their love right upto the core.


O Lord Gauranga! Your powers full are imbued in Your Name,

Time, rules and clime, control not the chanting of Your Name.

So Mighty Kind Your Name is and I - horridly incurably blind!

Misfortunes sorely grind me and Your Love remains untouched by my mind…2


A drooping blade of grass ne'er raises its head,

Nor grumbles a little, when trod on its bed.

So let me be humbler than this grass blade,

And chant Nityananda-Gauranga aloud with tears' raid.


The tree offers all it owns to one who asks,

Tho’ itself e’er in drought, rain and sun basks.

It shelters all travelers from the scorching sun,

And ask naught in return for services done.


The heartless man plunders it of fruit and flow’r

Of bark and bough; and once for all fells it o’er.

To roof his house; he burns it! so heartless it sounds,

Man’s unending greed knows no bounds.

Yes, matchless is the tree in forbearance,

Pray give me pure devotion, patience, and tolerance…...............3


O Gauranga’s Name, free me of false ego and lust for name and fame,

Make me meek and humble, so that I can forever chant Your Name….4


O Lord Gauranga, lift this luckless slave stuck in the worldly mire,

Grievously tormented am I with countless calamities dire.

Pray give me space that a speck of dust would take,

On Your lovely Lotus Feet and Name, if only for pity’s sake….....5


When shall my eyes while uttering Thy Name,

Be flooded with tears and my mortal frame,

Be bristled with with the hair standing on end,

And to choke my voice in pure bliss, my feelings would tend…....6


O Lord Gauranga! A moment metamorphoses into a Deathless Age,

And tears gush out like rivers in rage.

Neglecting Your Name has cost me so much harm,

Now attachment to Your Name is my only charm……...................7


Let Him hug me, or crush me to pulp if He will,

Let Him reject me or by His absence kill.

But I will never swerve an inch from chanting Their Holy Name,

Nityananda and Gauranga, my Overlords will forever remain…....8


Compiled by His Holiness Tridandi Bhikshu Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada.