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Title: Ramanuja wants to make the whole world intoGauranga-bhaktas by chanting His Name

User: Damodara Svarupa dasa      Date: 2005-02-24 17:00:35


Ramanuja wants to make the whole world intoGauranga-bhaktas by chanting His Name -- By Swami Gaurangapada



There is one more confidential story. Ramanujacharya once came to

Puri and pleased the Lord with many prayers. Jagannatha appeared

before him and said, `Go and see Navadvipa-dhama, for I will soon

appear there in the house of Jagannatha Misra. The entire spiritual

sky is situated within one corner of Navadvipa, My very dear abode.

As My eternal servant and leading devotee, you should see Navadvipa.

Let your students, who are absorbed in dasya-rasa, stay here while

you go. Any living being who does not see Navadvipa has been born

uselessly. Just one portion of Navadvipa contains Ranga-ksetra, Shri

Venkata (Tirupati), and Yadava Acala. O son of Kesava, go to

Navadvipa and see the form of Gauranga. You have come to the earth to

preach bhakti, so let your birth be successful with the mercy of

Gauranga. From Navadvipa, go to Kurma-sthana and join again with your



"With folded hands, Ramanuja submitted to Jagannatha, `In Your

narration You have mentioned Gauranga, but exactly who He is, I do

not know.'


"The Lord mercifully replied to Ramanuja, `Everyone knows Krishna, the

Lord of Goloka. That Krishna, whose vilasa-murti is Narayana, is the

Supreme Truth, and He resides in Vrndavana. That Krishna is fully

manifest in the form of Gauranga, and that Vrndavana is fully

manifest in the form of Navadvipa-dhama. I eternally reside as Lord

Gauranga in Navadvipa, the topmost abode in the universe. By My mercy

that dhama has come within Bhu-mandala, yet it remains without a

scent of maya. This is the verdict of scripture. If you say that

Navadvipa is part of the material world, then your devotion will

dwindle day by day. I have placed this spiritual abode within the

material world by My desire and inconceivable energy. Simply by

reading scriptures one will not get the highest truth, for the

highest truth surpasses all reasoning power. Only the devotees can

understand by My mercy.'


"Hearing this, the sober-minded Ramanuja was agitated with love for

Gauranga. He said, `Lord, Your pastimes are truly astounding. The

scriptures cannot know Your opulences. Why isn't Gauranga-nama-lila

clearly described in the scriptures? When I closely examine the sruti

and Puranas, now I can see the verses about the Gauranga-tattva.

After hearing Your instructions, my doubts are gone and the sweet

mellows of Gauranga's pastimes have arisen in my heart. If You order

me, after going to Navadvipa I will preach Gauranga-nama-lila

throughout the three worlds. I will give people evidence from the

hidden scriptures and establish devotional service to Gauranga

throughout the universe and make all the three worlds into Gauranga-

bhaktas and make them chant Gauranga's Name. Please instruct me.'


"Seeing Ramanuja's eagerness, Jagannatha said, `Ramanuja, do not

broadcast like this. Keep the confidential name, pastimes and abode

of Gauranga secret. Only after Gauranga has finished His pastimes

will the general public receive them. For now, preach dasya-rasa,

while in your heart worship and chant the name of Gauranga



"Taking the Lord's advice, Ramanuja secretly cultured his attraction

for Navadvipa. So that Gauranga's pastimes were not revealed

prematurely, Lord Narayana then led Ramanuja here to Vaikunthapura

and mercifully showed Ramanuja His transcendental form served by Shri,

Bhu, and Nila. Ramanuja considered himself fortunate to obtain

darsana of his worshipable Lord, when suddenly he saw the Lord assume

the enchanting form of Gauranga, the son of Jagannatha Misra.

Ramanuja swooned at the brilliance of the form. Then Gauranga put His

lotus feet on the head of Ramanuja, who was thus divinely inspired

and recited prayers of praise. `I must see Gauranga's actual lila on

earth. I can never leave Navadvipa!'


Lord Gauranga said, `O son of Kesava, your desire will be fulfilled.

When the Nadia (Navadvipa) pastimes will be revealed in the future,

you will take birth here again.'


Lord Gauranga disappeared and Ramanuja, contented, resumed his

journey. After some days he arrived at Kurma-sthana and saw the place

with his disciples. During his life he preached dasya-rasa throughout

South India, while internally he was absorbed in Gauranga-nama-lila.

By Gauranga's mercy, he took birth in Navadvipa as the devotee Shri

Ananta Acharya. He went to Vallabhacarya's house and saw the marriage

of Laksmipriya and Gauranga.


From Shrila Saccidananda Thakura Bhaktivinoda's supreme classic book

Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Chp 15.


Last Instructions of Shri Ramanujacharya


On his death bed Shri Ramanuja is said to have articulated some

statements to his disciples. It is not an exaggeration to present

these statements as the essence of Shri Vaishnavam. I give below

excerpts of these, translated from "Shri Ramaanujar," pi. shri,

sudhEsamitthiran, pp. 250 - 259, aagaStu 1964 . I apologise for the

lack of lucidity of my translation. (written by Shri Parthasarathy



1. Serve God and God's devotees. Serve all devotees without regard to

their status.


2. Have faith in the teachings of AchAryAs.


3. Do not succumb to sensual pleasures.


4 & 5. Do not put your conviction on trivial saasthraas, have

conviction on the saasthraas that deal with God.


6 - 8. Protect yourself from the five senses.


9 & 10. Praise the name of the Lord and AchAryAs.


11. All the knowledge you may have will not protect you if you choose

sensual pleasures.


12 & 13. It is not enough to control your sensual desires, you must

surrender to the Lord.


14 - 17. Do not be disrespectful of shri vaishnavaas for any reason,

including age, caste, etc. You must show respect to them all.


18. When you rise from your bed meditate upon your ancestral line of



19. In front of the sanctum of our Lord, amongst shri vaishnavaas

utter the words of dvayam. (mentally' Do not utter loudly, as they

are rahaysyams)


20. Praise the auspicious qualities of our Lord and AchAryAs.


21 and 22. Welcome shri vaishnavas with open arms and praise. Do not

praise ordinary people for the sake of material gain.


23. Pay respect when you see the gOpuram of a temple.


24 - 25. Have undying faith in Lord Vishnu.


26. Do not find fault with praise of the Lord or devotees.


27 - 29. Pay at most respect to shri vaishnavaas.


30 & 31. Among shri vaishnavaas do not discriminate between poor and



32. Ignore the faults and praise the virtues of shri vasihnavaas.


33 - 35. Consume Shri paadha theertham with respect.


36. Do not consider yourself as equal to other devotees. Think of

yourself as their servant.


37 - 39. To purify your sins consume the shri paada theertham of great

saints. For this, do not consider the caste of those saints.


40 & 41. Duties of families. (Not described in the text)


42 - 44. Visiting temples and securing prasaadam is important.


45. Do not boast about your virtues.


46. Do not scorn a devotee.


47. Do not ignore serving devotees.


48. Praise the auspicious qualities of the Lord daily.


49. Recite prabhandams like thiruvaaymozhi daily.


50 - 58. Do not associate with the ones who only pretend to be shri

vaihnvaas. Do not associate with the ones who find faults with

others. Do not even look upon those who belittle devotees. Associate

with those who wish to surrender to the Lord.


59 & 60. Ignore the harsh words of other shri vaishnvaas. Always do

good to them.


(From this point onwards I am unable to give numerical listing as the

original text does not give the numerical ordering.)


Do not think of the deities of the Lord as just stone or wood. (my

note: In as much as we give respect to the cloth (the flag of a

nation) as the nation itself, we need to consider the Divya mangaLa

vigraham as the transcendental form of Emperumaan Shriya:pathih Shriman

Narayanan Himself.)


Do not think of your guru (AchArya) as just an ordinary person. Even

simply saying out loud the caste of a shrivasihnavaas is a sin.


Do not consider anything related to our Lord as ordinary. There is

nothing greater than making our Lord and his devotees happy.

Insulting a devotee is a greater sin than not praying to the Lord.

Your duty is to surrender to our Lord. Try to live in Thiru

naaraayanapuram (mElkOte) at least for some time. If you are unable

to, where ever you are, live with dvayam in your tongue.

If you are unable to do even this, serve other shrivaishnavaas.