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Title: Nectar of Lord Chaitanya's holy name

User: Igor     Date: 2006-12-27 19:47:16


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

  Here is one wonderfull verse from Jaiva-dharma about chanting Lord Chaitanya's Holy Name!


  "Everyone is intoxicated by drinking the nectar of Lord Chaitanya's holy names. From the gardens in the four directions come sweet humming sounds. Intoxicated by drinking the nectar of Lord Chaitanya's holy names, Prakrti-devi (the goddess of the material nature) fills every place with beauty and splendor. Ah! Now that I see the Shri Mayapura, what can I not see? What do I see now"


  Gauranga Naam is so sweet that everybody becomes intoxicated by drinking it. Not that only learned or qualificated persons may relish that sweetness, it is  possible for everyone by mercy of Lord  Nityananda Prabhu who instructed every living entity to chant Gauranga Naam.

  People in general are trying to satisfy goddess of material nature, Prakrti-devi, but here we found that she can actually become satisfy only with devotional chanting of Lord's Holy Name. Devotees of Lord do not care for beauty and splendor of material nature, but they are always eager to use Lord's energy in His service. That attitude is real spiritual renunciation.