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Title: Shudh Naam

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-03-14 06:59:41


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


Gurudeva, please accept my humble obiesances at your lotus feet.

Pranams and Dandavats at the lotus feet of all devotees.


I have this querry about Shuddha Naam

Shri Shrila Prabhupada has said that till all sense enjoyment leaves and one chants in in mood of service shudh naam cannot come,thn in that case is offenseless chanting different from pure chanting?


I read this in Jaiva Dharma.

"Vrajanatha and Vijaya Kumara were extremely happy to learn

the glories of sri-nama and nama-svarupa-tattva. When they

arrived home, they chanted fifty thousand names on their tulasimala

without offense, and by this chanting of suddha-nama they

received direct experience of Krsna's mercy. It was late at night

when they finally took rest."


From this can one infer that shuddha naam=offenseless chanting. and for all offense to leave one has to chant in serving attitude and free from any desire of sense gratification? But in Nityananda Gauranga Naam it is said that one gets Krishna prema first and then offences are washed off.


I read that Shri Ajamila chanted offenselessly,hence He was saved.But if He chanted offenselssly then at that moment why did He not get Love of Godhead?Inattention while chanting is termed as offense.but then why Hela Naambhasa is not considered Naamapradha if it is offence?


Maharaj since you are a pure devotee you chant pure Holy names.What exactly is shudh naam?How is it non-different from Lords?What kind of potencies are invested by Lord Krishna in HariNaam?How does one know that He/She is chanting pure name or chanting naamabhaas or naamapradha?


Please Forgive me for asking too many questions.but i am intensely curiois to know the science of Holy Names.


Aspiring to be a humble servant of your lotus feet.


Bhushan Nityananda dasa


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:


Please read Hari Naam Chintamani carefully to understand this point. One can chant apparently offenselessly sometimes in the four types of ashraddha (faithless) chaya namabhasa also but that is not shuddha naam or pure chanting. Like Ajamila, he chanted the name of his son Narayana, without having the required faith in the Holy Name of Narayana. But since he was not chanting it deliberately offensively, it was offenseless in one way and thus the Vishnudutas stopped the Yamadutas from taking him to hell. They gave him a chance to chant really offenselessly and purely and he did that by going to Haridvar and then they only came and took him to the spiritual world.


Ajamila's chanting was sanketa namabhasa as he was addressing his son while chanting the Holy Name of God. Sanketa, Parihasya (jokingly chanting), Helaa (musical or accidental chanting) or Stobha (chanting due to envy) all fall in the category of faithless naamaabhaasa which may not be mixed with offenses but which can only lead the soul to the higher planetary systems or maximum up to liberation.


Shuddha Naam means the Name which you are chanting is revealing to you the Lord's form, qualities, pastimes, abodes and associates while chanting and ultimately rasa is awakening which enables you to enter into those pastimes in your spiritual form.


Yes, that the essential beauty of Nityananda Gauranga Naam. They dont wait till we are free of offenses to give us pure love of God.