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Chanting To Poor Animals

Post Author: Gouranga dasa    Date: 2007-11-09 04:09:22
Dearest swami Gaurangapada and all devotees. please accept my obeisances, All glories to the all merciful Holy names and all the devotees who chant and hear them. I am very much saddened by the conditions fallen souls have to live in, especially in regard to poor sheep who are bread purely for their meat, they live a life style akin to the death camps by which so many people are greatly shocked to this day although such events are 60 years old. Yet people are financing the exact same atrocities through purchasing meat to fill their bellies. There is an even greater amount of killing these days through abortion and meat eating than ever before.

I was on a mountain Japa walk recently and met some farmers who were administering some chemicals to all the sheep. They were forcing a 12 inch long metal pipe down their throat choking them and then poured the medicine directly into their stomach. The sheep were visibly distressed to recieve such chemicals in a most brutal and unnessacary way. Let us always chant as we drive past the fields, we can wind down the window and shout very loudly NITYANANDA GAURANGA and over a hundred souls will hear the Holy names! Surely such animals are sinful butchers and farmers from previous lives who must suffer many thousands of animal births in hellish conditions repeatledly. They need the mercy!


Daaso'smi. Gouranga dasa.

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