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A Talk From An Old Friend

Post Author: Gouranga dasa    Date: 2007-12-13 10:58:15
Dear Devotees, I used to be on the festival program of a wonderful devotee Tribhuvannath Dasa who was very dedicated and a front line preacher of Lord Chaitanyas movement. There are some lovely accounts of his life on the net such as when he distributed Prabhpadas books in Arabic countries. He was a fearless warrior. He left this world in 2001. Prabhupada used to pull on his sikha and was very affectionate to Tribhuvannatha Prabhu, Tribhuvannatha opened the first temple in Scotland for srila Prabhupada as he heard that Prabhupada was educated by Edinburgh teachers, he got off the bus with no money and no where to stay with one other devotee. They began knocking on doors and telling people "we are monks, we have come to open a temple, can we come and live in your house?" They were so determined with nothing but the Holy Names, and they got a hugh temple by Krishnas miraculous arrangement and Prabhupada came and stayed there and he loved it. Prabhupada wrote a letter to Tribhuvannatha saying "I am not a devotee, you are a real devotee. When I came to the Edinburgh temple i was suffering due to the cold weather, but for you it is just like a little tickle on the skin, go on preaching Krishna consciousness"
I could go on and on,

your servant

Gouranga dasa

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