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Desktop Publishing

Post Author: Bhakta Igor    Date: 2007-12-12 09:34:56
Note WSIYWYG mode turned off. I am hoping that text will be readable.

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna
All glories to Swami Gaurangapada!
All glories to Srilla Prabhupada!

Forany devotee who would like to create, compile or publish any NityanandaGauranga Naam e-books, pdf files or other documents there is very niceproffesional and fully freeware Desktop Publishing Software - Scribus.It is similar to Quark Express and other professional publishingsoftware, so if you need it for such kind of service it is very goodsolution.
Here is link

"There is nodoubt about it; to distribute books is our most important activity. Thetemple is a place not for eating and sleeping, but as a base from whichwe send out our soldiers to fight with maya. Fight with maya means todrop thousands and millions of books into the laps of the conditionedsouls. Just like during the war time the bombs are raining from the skylike anything.."
letter from Srilla Prabhupada, 1973.

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-12-12 15:10:49
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Thanks Igor. They have released Scribus version 1.3.4 which has new new features here and can be directly downloaded from here (24 MB).

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

Post Author: Nava Gauranga dasa    Date: 2007-12-14 11:11:46
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krsna!

Thank you Igor and Gurudeva. I have enjoyed reading your writings and verses. Hopefully oneday I can use this software also.

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