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Chat transcript about how Lord Gauranga saved a puppy Dog

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2006-05-05 05:30:47
Title: Chat transcript about how Lord Gauranga saved a puppy Dog!
User: Damodara Svarupa dasa    Date: 2005-02-26 16:14:07

Chat transcript about how Lord Gauranga saved a puppy Dog! -- By Swami Gaurangapada

Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: One who is not taken efforts to be
blessed by the Supremely wonderful nayak Lord Nityananda Balarama,
such a person's life is simply a waste.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Lord Nityananda roars in ecstasy by
remembering the Lord of His heart - Lord Gauranga. Lord Nityananda's
constant meditation is
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Lord Nityananda's constant
meditation is the name of Lord Gauranga.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: to sings the names of Nityananda,
Gauranga and Hare Krishna.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Lord Nityananda's love for Lord
Gaurangarai and Lord Gaurahari's love for Shriman Avadhutcandra has no
comparison. The nearest that one can go is to be reminded of the
intense affection between Lord Ramchandra and Lord Lakshman.
swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: those who chant the Names of
Nityananda and Gauranga along with the Maha-mantra can easily chant
and dance in ecstasy
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: They will become well-wisher of all
living entities.
xxx: wee need an emoticon with hands raised Maharaja,
xxx: up in the air like Nityananda and Gaurangaaaa!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Yes. Anyone knows why do we raise
out hands in kirtana?
xxx: to get the mercy?
xxxx: like surrender?????
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: There is a very confidential reason
mentioned in Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya
xx00: to show honor, praise, surrender, supplication
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: I want all of you to try first
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: It is a pity xxx is not here
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Ok
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: So more attempts
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: for explaining the meanings of
raised hands
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: in kirtana
xxxx: because thats how gauranga dances???
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: tulasi: to get the mercy?
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: to show honor, praise, surrender,
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: because thats how gauranga dances???
xxx: so why the hands raised up when we dance?
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Why do we raise our hands in
kirtana? I am inviting answers.
xxx: reaching for Krishna!!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: to get the mercy? arjunananda2000:
to show honor, praise, surrender, supplication, because thats how
gauranga dances??? xxx: reaching for Krishna!!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: No you are all right.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: But I was looking for a different
xxx: tell us!!!
xxx: please!!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: And that is in the Padma Purana and
Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (20.68):
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: padbhyam bhumer diso drgbhyam
dorbhyam camangalam divah bahudhotsadyate rajan krishna-bhaktasya
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: "O king, when the devotees of Lord
Gauranga dance, their steps crush the inauspiciousness of the earth,
their glances destroy the inauspiciousness of the ten directions, and
their raised arms push away the inauspiciousness of the demigods'
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: I am not laughing at
all of you!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: The demigods are delivered when the
devotees of Lord Gauranga raise their hands in kirtana.
xxxx: to where?
xxxx: maybe wherever they desire as they r demigods...please excuse
my dumb questions
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Do you know when did all the
demigods get pure love for Krishna in Gauranga lila?
xxxx: do they remain in the material sky, liberated to the spiritual
sky, or to krishnaloka??
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Do you know when did all the
demigods get pure love for Krishna in Gauranga lila?xxxx: i dont know
xxxx: during they pastimes of gaura-nitai
xxxx when they sang the holy names
xxx: when they chant Nityananda Gaurangaaaaaaaa!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: anyone can tell, there is a specific
xxxx: <====gets goosepimple all over
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Who is getting goosepimples?
xxxx: me, lol
xxxx: (body hair standing on end=goosepimples
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Because you have started chanting
the Nityananda and Gauranga Mantra Rajas
xxx: please tell us about that maharaj
xxx: is there a mantra rajas
xxx:is everybody allowed
xxx: to listen
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: So xxx prabhu, you will be able to
experience the highest ecstacies now.
xxxx: there are so many pastimes of shri krishna chaitanya, i can't pick
out just one that stands out for the liberation of the demigodss
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: There is most wonderful and specific
one in Chaitanya-Mangala
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: but before that I will tell you a
nice quote from Prabhupada in Cc about the ecstasy experienced by
chanting NG
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: But maybe I will not
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: xxxx mataji will feel bad
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: I do not want to harm anyone's
tulasi: ho some sectarian words maybe,
xxx please feel free
xxx: i am not averse to anything
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: She is a great devotee of Nityananda-
xxx: yes,i agree maharaja i respect xxx and Her Baba,
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: I just read the quote again and I
think I will not post it though it makes some very valuable and mind
boggling ans striking revelations.
xxx: pls dont mind Maharaj
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: So the Pastimes from Chaitanya-
Managala goes like this
xxxx: and the demigods liberation???
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Is my singing giving you goose
pimples xxxji?
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: It is most beautiful pastimes when
Lord Gauranga delivered a puppy in HIs childhood
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: does anyone know that?
xxxx: no maharaji
xxx: i read but forgot
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 282. With many playful boys He
played many games. With many boys He enjoyed childhood pastimes,
blissful and wonderful pastimes. 283. Playing and playing, He
suddenly met two or four puppies. Very happy, Lord Gaura-Hari chose
one of them. 284. Then one of His companions said: "Listen
Visvambhara. You chose the best puppy and left the ugly ones for us.
You go home. We won't play with You." 285. Then Lord Visvambhara
said: "This puppy belongs to all of us. Come to My house and We'll
all play with him." 286. Speaking these words, and taking the puppy
with Him, Lord Gaura went to His house. Arriving home, He put a rope
around the puppy's neck and tied him to the veranda.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: This is not the one from Cc, that is
in Puri, this is in Navadvipa.
swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 287. All this time Lord
Visvambhara's mother was busy with household chores. Then,
accompanied by the village ladies, she went to bathe in the Ganga.
288. Now the house now empty. Accompnaied by the boys, Lord
Visvambhara played many games with the puppy. They all became covered
with dust. 289. As they played and played, a quarrel was born among
the boys. One boy praised Lord Gaura-Hari, and another boy rebuked
Him. 290. Lord Gaura said: "Every day you come, and every day you
pick a fight. Why do you act like that?" The other boy said: "I know
what You're like. You stole the puppy." 291. Angry at heart, that boy
ran off. Meeting Mother Saci, with a voice choked with anger he
called out: 292. "Listen! Listen! Your Visvambhara has a pet puppy.
One moment He hug
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 292. "Listen! Listen! Your
Visvambhara has a pet puppy. One moment He hugs the puppy. The next
moment He holds the puppy's neck. Go and see for yourself." 293.
Hearing the boy's words, Saci hurried home. She saw the puppy in Lord
Visvambhara's lap, 294. Putting her hand to her head, Mother Saci
said: "Why do You play like this? I do not know. There are so many
ways You could play. Still You play with a puppy. You are very
mischievous. 295. "Your father is very religious. You are his son.
What will the people say? What happiness do You think You will find
by playing with a puppy? 296. "You are a brahmana's son, but You do
not even slightly act like one. What good words will I speak to
defend You?
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Ah, the words I will hear will be
like an iron spear pushed into my heart. 297. "What happiness do You
find by covering Your beautiful form with dust? I bow my head to
speak such words. I feel that flames burn in my mouth. 298. "How many
moons does Your face defeat? Your limbs are like lightning. You do
not wear nice garments. Instead You cover Your limbs with dust and
stay among low-class boys." 299. Angrily pressing her teeth to her
lip, Saci-devi rebuked all the boys. To Lord Gaura she said: "Go to
Your room and take Your puppy with You. You can renounce Your mother
and father." 300. After speaking these words, she looked at her son's
face. She was overcome with bliss. Then she said: "Come. Dear one,
come and sit in my lap. Be quiet. I will kiss Your face.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: I am so sorry for posting so fast
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 301. "Leave Your dog, O dear one,
and bathe in ths Ganga's waters. Sio hours of the day have already
passed. And You are not hungry? How much trouble do You give to me?
302. "Tie up your puppy, and go take Your bath. Later You can play
with Your puppy. Now You should eat some lunch." 303. As a golden
lotus wilts in the hot sunshine, so Lord Gaura's face wilted. On the
tip of His nose a drop of perspiration awakened. Gazing at her son,
Saci felt her life breath split apart. 304. Hearing Mother Saci's
words, Lord Visvambhara smiled and said: "I will go to bathe." 305.
Speaking these words, the Lord hugged His mother's neck and prepared
for His bath. Wiping the dust from His face, Mother Saci anointed the
Lord's limbs with scented oil.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 306. For His bath Lord Visvambhara
went to the Ganga's bank. He happily palyed with His friends in the
Ganga's waters. 307. Lord Visvambhara's form was wonderful and
immovable like Mount Sumeru. As a wild elephant plays in the water
with its companions, so Lord Visvambhara played in the water with His
friends. 308. Meanwhile Saci-devi set the puppy free. She said: "I do
not know where the puppy went. Perhaps the puppy ran to his own
mother." 309. One of the boys was there at that time. He ran to the
Ganga's bank and said: "Visvambhara, Your mother set the puppy free."
310. Hearing the boy's words, the Lord ran home. He saw that the
puppy was gone.

Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 311. He looked in the four
directions. He did not see the puppy. His heart burned with flames of
anger. He wept. He rebuked His mother. He was overcome with grief for
His puppy. 312. He said: "Listen, O foolish mother. Why did you do
that? You gave Me great suffering. That puppy was very beautiful. Why
did you do that?" 313. Saci said: "I did not know what happened to
Your puppy. Perhaps some boys came and stole him. 314. "Why must You
cry for a puppy? Tomorrow I will search in forest after forest. I
will find Your puppy and bring him back. 315. "Don't lament. Stop
Your lament. I will bring back Your puppy. I promise. Don't weep.
Please don't weep anymore." 316. After speaking these words, she
wiped the tears from her son's face and hugged Him.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: azing at His face, she became filled
with bliss. She kissed Him millions and millions of times. 317. She
wiped His limbs, pretending to make Him a little more clean, and then
she bathed Him with the Ganga's waters. Then she fed Him many
delicious sandesa, modaka, ksira, and kadalaka candies. 318. She tied
His hair in a topknot and she decorated His eyes with splendid black
kajjala. She made Him completely splendid. 319. Around His waist she
tied a red sash that hung to His toes. On His chest she rested a
string of pearls. On His forehead she placed sandal tilaka. 320. She
decorated Him with bracelets and armlets of priceless jewels. On His
feet she placed anklets. Grasping ksira and ladu candies in His
hands, He went to play with the boys.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 321. His graceful walking defeated
the graceful wild elephants. His voice was like thick honey.
Surrounded by the boys, Lord Gaura, the king of the brahmanas, was
like a moon surrounded by stars. 322. Gazing at the Lord as He
played, the demigods all smiled. Seeing that Lord Gaura touched even
cats and dogs, Locana dasa is filled with wonder.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 322. Gazing at the Lord as He
played, the demigods all smiled. Seeing that Lord Gaura touched even
cats and dogs, Locana dasa is filled with wonder.
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Lord Gauranga is the only
incarnation who personally touched cats and dogs.
xxx: Bows
xxxx: he is so merciful..ibahf
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Now can anyone imagine what happened
to that puppy?
xxxx: he was liberated?
xxx: went to Vaikunta
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: I will tell you
xxx: where is the poor puppy?
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 323. By Lord Gauranga's touch a dog
became fortunate. Abandoning his dog's nature, he became filled with
transcendental knowledge. 324. Calling out, "Radha'-Krishna! Govinda!",
the dog danced. Everyone in Nadiya ran to see him. 325. Everyone
watched as the dog manifested signs of ecstasy. The hairs of his body
stood erect. His eyes were filled with tears. 326. That soul suddenly
renounced his dog's body and went to Lord Krishna's abode of Goloka.
327. A divine airplane suddenly arrived and took that soul on the
path in the sky.
Are you all reading the above?
xxx: Jaaaaaaaiii Nityanadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
xxx: oh yes gurumaharaji, every word
xxx: the dog Danced,LOL
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: and below
xxxx: Gauranga Chaitanya Nityananda Hare Hare Krishna
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 328. Decorated with jewels and
pearls, that golden airplane glistened like a thousand-rayed sun.
329. Millions and millions of bells chimed. Hosts and hosts of
karatalas sounded. 330. Hearing the sounds of the conchshells and the
calls of "Jaya1" and "Hari!", the gandharvas an kinnaras sang the
glories of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. 331. The airplane was decorated with
hosts of flags. It glistened like the circle of the sun. 332. In the
middle of the airplane the handsome, splendid, charming newly-
liberated soul sat on a jewel throne. 333. He was pleasant coolness
defeated ten million moons. He chanted, "Radha'-Krishna! Gauranga!"
xxx: Haaaaaaaa i am dead!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: O Gauranga, I can't believe this
xxx: I never never had imagined this,
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Just because Gauranga touched it
xxxx: you are most merciful nityananda, jai jaya gaurangaaaa!!!!
xxxx: Gauranga!!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 334. A host of siddhas fanned him
with camara whisks. In this way he traveled on the path to Goloka.
335. Brahma, Siva, Sanaka, and a host of others stood before him with
folded hands. Surrounding him on the airplane, they all sang the
glories of Lord Gauranga. 336. They sang: "Glory, glory to Saci's
son, who is an ocean of mercy! O Lord, why are You not merciful to us
in this way? 337. "You delivered a dog, gave him a spiritual body,
and took him to Goloka. Why will You not do the same for us?
338. "Glory, glory to Lord Gaura-Hari, the shelter of the
shelterless! Glory, glory to Him, the best of all avataras!

Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: xx are you reading?
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: are you have already fainted in
xxxx: yes. thank you!!
xxx: faints
xxx i'm ok now!!!
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Jaya xxxx
xxxx screams in a mad fit
xxx: <===passes out dead in the floor mumbling nitai gauranga
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Please get a webcam soon
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: Because this is contagious
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: we can also get it xxx
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: xxx got a webcam a few days back
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: 339. "By Your mercy the souls who
live in Kali-yuga will be delivered. What other wonderful pastimes
will You manifest? 340. "When will we demigods become fortunate? When
will we attain the mercy of Your feet? 341. "By touching him, You
delivered a dog. Even when You were Lord Krishna You were not kind in
this way. 342. "When will we become fortunate? You gave perfection to
a dog. We pray that we may become fortunate like him.
343. "Obeisances, obeisances to You, O Lord Gaura Raya, whom only the
pure and faultless may see! Obeisances, obeisances to Your two
graceful feet! 344. "We demigods are all the Lord's followers and
servants. When will we attain Lord Gaurachandra's feet?"
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: In that way the demigods the feet of
baby Gauranga and begged
Swami Gaurangapada (Spiritual M: for Krishna Prema.

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