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Basic Philosophy Chat with a devotee

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2006-05-05 05:30:47
Title: Basic Philosophy Chat with a devotee
User: Damodara Svarupa dasa    Date: 2005-04-01 19:27:16

Basic Philosophy Chat with a devotee -- By Swami Gaurangapada

(SG = Swami Gaurangapada, G = Devotee)

G : hare krishna
G : i want to tell u 1 thing
G : ii will need some time to absorb the concepts of Gauranga Dharma.
SG: Yes.
SG: Suree
SG: Spiritual life is voluntary and scientific
G : coz i do meditataion
G : but i nver did chanting
G : or bhajans
G : or never attended kirtans
SG: Yes Mantra Meditation is greatest meditation
SG: as per the Vedas, anavritti sabdat
G : let me get first of all convinced
G : i will start chanting mantra
SG: Yess no problem
SG: The whole creation has come from spiritual sound
G : if i feel the difference..then only i will continue
G : and i think that will take time
G : patience ..that's wat i need
SG: That is ok
G : wat if instead of the maha mantra i chant OM
SG: We chant the Mantrarajas and Mahamantra to please God
G : k
SG: and when He is pleased, we are automatically pleased
G : k
SG: because we are His part and parcels
G : k
SG: Om is an invocation of God
G : i was in baroda last month
SG: Ok
G : for a conference at the station we met a devotee

SG: Ok
G : he was from russia he was chanting krishna
G : and was selling the bhagavat geeta
G : we (my self and my students) had a talk with him
SG: Yes ok
SG: Are you a teacher?
G : ya i am lecturere
G : i teach botany
SG: Ok

G : so i was telling that we had a talk with him, he was a robber
G : when he was in russia
SG: Ok
G : ya but he is completely changed
G : the moment he told us that we were shocked
G : however he did not elaborate and we ran to catch the train
SG: Yess simply by chanting the Holy Names of God: Nityananda, Gauranga and Hare Krishna, one develops all good qualities and gives up all the bad ones in a very short time.
G : anyways we missed the train and did not find him again
G : actually my students are stuck up with the question
SG: Ohh so sorry
G : how did he change?????
G : thats bothering them till today
SG: Simply by vibrating the Holy Names of Nityananda, Gauranga and Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
SG: That is the secret and answer.
G : ok
SG: When you touch the Holy Names with your lips
SG: You come in direct contact with God
SG: and immediately you develop the qualities of God
G : ok
SG: So you can tell them the secret
G : i dont understand this philosophy, but believe it surly works coz i have seen people changing with that
SG: You should also teach your students how to chant the Holy Names of God
G : no its not easy to convince a teen
G : they have a lot of why and buts
SG: Then you will be spiritual teacher also
G : and hows
G : ya i teach them meditation
SG: You can teach how to live nicely in this world
SG: and you can teach how to end this miserable cycle of birth and death and go back to the Kingdom of God
SG: so you are permanently solving their problem
SG: 4 main problems
G : they all had been last month to one Guru’s lecture
SG: of birth, old age, disease and death
G : i found one thing in common in all those who are devotees if i am not wrong
SG: Those who pose themselves as God are actually the reverse Dog
G : they are the once who already have a belief in lord 1st
SG: Real Guru means one who shows us the real God: Lord Gauranga-Krishna
SG: Real Guru never says that he is God
SG: Real Guru instructs everyone to chant the Holy Names of God not his own name
SG: otherwise he is simply a cheater
SG: Yes we have to make God 1st in our life
SG: because
G : did u find anyone who never believed in god and had no probs in life and have become devotees
SG: all our degrees, talents and qualifications
SG: are big 000000000000000000000000000s
SG: Lord Gauranga-Krishna is the 1
SG: if you put 1 before the 00000000000000000000s
SG: the valuee is so great
SG: but only 000000000s it is 00000000
SG: Yes majority of the devotees did not know about God earlier
G : i was waiting to hear the answer
SG: In the Gita it is said
SG: 4 kinds of people come to God
G : who the four
SG: (1) Distressed (2) Seeking wealth (3) Inquisitive (4) Those who are already in knowledge
SG: so all of these four becomes devotees of God and begin chanting His Holy Name
G : and what abt the rest?
SG: It is upto them
SG: Whatever you want in life
SG: you should come to the Supreme Lord Gauranga-Krishna
SG: not go to the demigods or the devatas
SG: because it is ultimately the Supreme Lord who is giving the power even to the devatas
SG: But if the soul does not desire to chant the Name of God then God does not interfere with the minute independence given by Him to that soul
G : why did u leave IIT
G : why did u get into krishna philosophy
SG: I wanted to help all the souls to end their miseries
SG: and understand their relation with God. And I had to sacrifice something for this topmost welfare work.
G : when and how did that feeling start, to help
SG: There are many doctors, lawyers, teachers
SG: But really the world requires Spiritual Guides who teach the chanting of bonafide Holy Names
SG: otherwise the soul is doomed
SG: in the 8.4 million species of life
SG: sometimes the soul becomes a dog, cat, donkey, cockroach, plant, bird, fish etc
SG: Do you like to become all this?
G : yes why not

G : if soul is a soul then y body shud matter
SG: That is because you have no idea how much suffering is there
G : its the same i suppose
SG: Yes so the emergency is to end the suffering
G : every body is born lives and dies, the same
SG: the pleasure of eating, sleeping, sex like and defending is there in all bodies

SG: even animals do that
G : yes
SG: so the human life is meant for spiritual inquiry
SG: because God has given us higher intelligence
SG: Not simply eating
SG: sleeping
SG: mating
G : i dont think so its only human beings that can be spiritual
G : may be we still dont understand the spritiuality of other forms
SG: Human beings can be more easily
SG: they have developed intelligence
G : if it werent why have they been created in this earth
SG: They can ask the question
SG: Who is God?
G : intellegence is not a way to god
G : u told me just a few mins back
SG: No that was material intelligence
SG: You need sharp spiritual intelligence to understand God
G : if its spiritual intellegence u r talking about
SG: It is not blind faith or sentimentalism
G : then even a cow or a dog holds that
SG: How do you know that
SG: Can a cow ask who is God
G : how do we know
G : whats so special abt me as a human being
SG: the animal bodies are created by God just to discharge the reactions
G : may be it is a overconfidence we have we being human beings
SG: of the papa and punya the soul has performed in the human body
SG: Human life is like a junction
SG: With this human body, you can either go to the spiritual world
SG: or come down
SG: in the animal bodies
SG: or you can temporarily become a devata or an asura, whatever you desire,
You can choose now.
G : come down
SG: That is why God always incarnates on this Earth in this universe
G : i dont believe in this, dont mind
SG: You may believe it or not
SG: You will have to face it
SG: when you die
SG: You will get a body
SG: as per your karma in this human life
SG: If you only slept whole life, you will get the body of a bear
SG: which sleeps for 6 months
SG: if you want to only eat, you will get the body of a pig
SG: with can eat anything from garbage
G : ridiculous a soul follows a body
SG: If you want to only have sex, you will get the body of pigeon
SG: who can have sex hundreds of times in a month
SG: because human body is just not meant
SG: for eating, sleeping, mating and defending
SG: otherwise we are simply sophisticated animals
G : hmm
SG: A material body is created by the soul
SG: as per one's actions
SG: in the human form of life
SG: so we can determine where our soul will go after death by what we are doing now
G : ok
G : how abt karma yog
SG: If we daily chant the Holy Names of God, then we are preparing an eternal
spiritual body for the soul in the kingdom of God
SG: from where is no return
SG: no birth, death, old age and disease
SG: Karma means action and Yoga means to connect with God or do our karma as an offering to God
SG: You do not become Karma Yogis simply by working hard like a donkey
SG: and maintaining your family
SG: where is Yoga in that
SG: Yoga means connection with God
SG: so I hope you understanding
G : yes trying to
G : but not understanding
G : i mean not getting convinced
SG: We are not asking anything material from you, but want you to chant the Holy Names of God daily
SG: God is giving you food, water, air
SG: will you not say thank you to Him daily
SG: can any scientist create
SG: a piece of grain or air or water in his lab
SG: they know h2 + O = water but can they combine and make it
SG: Noo it is God's gift
G : natures gifts
SG: Nature but whose Nature
SG: when I say Nature then it has to someone's nature
SG: Your nature, my nature, his nature
SG: her nature
SG: so Nature is the energy of God
SG: Lord Gauranga-Krishna is the Person possessing that Nature
SG: It is so simple to understand
SG: Nothing happens by chance
G : ok
SG: Do you think all the traffic signals in in your town
G : i think it ll take time for me to get convinced
SG: are all running on their own
SG: That is foolishness
SG: Some person is pulling the switch and controlling it somewhere
SG: Similarly Nature is not independent
SG: Lord Gauranga-Krishna states in the Gita
SG: mayadhyakshena prakritih
SG: The Nature is running by My direction. It is My Prakriti
SG: so we have to accept the word of God: the Gita
SG: otherwise we will forever remain confused
G : then we have to accept the word of god
SG: Yes because He is the perfect authority
SG: the source of everything
SG: so only He knows things as they are
SG: because everything has come from Him so He knows everything
SG: so I hope this is convincing
G : Yes.
SG: Thank you so much.

Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Jaya Gauranga Dharma!

Jaya Shrila Prabhupada! Pranams and Blessings!

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