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All Prayers in the Name

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-11-07 01:50:29
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Jaya Shri Guru Parampara! Pranams! As I chant, I find myself spontaneously praying to the Lord with my innermost prayers. The prayers just arise without any effort and become one with the Name while chanting. There is no extra effort for this. And my eyes get filled with tears. O Naam, I realize that the process of Vandana or offering prayers is included in Thee! nava vidha bhakti naam haite haya...

Naam is the greatest prayer of all. It is the inspirer of all other prayers. One who does not chant, cannot pray properly to the Lord. I feel stunned in bliss when I chant with deep concentration. Prayer means to communicate with the Lord. The channel of communication of the soul with the Lord is opened by chanting of Nityananda, Gauranga and Hare Krishna Naam. The Lord does not listen to those who don't chant His Name.

The great 5-year old devotee Dhruva Maharaja could compose and recite choicest prayers due to constantly chanting His Name for six months. When the pure nature of the soul is revealed by chanting the Names, then prayer to the Lord begins because prayer is a natural function of the soul.

Oh Naam Prabhu, my only prayer to you is, "You are the supreme prayer of all prayers. Please let me always float in Your bliss 24-hours!!! The time during which I forget Thee is eternally lost for my soul so I cry that I cannot chant Thee constantly. Please reside on my tongue constantly even though I am not qualified for Your presence."

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-11-08 15:59:55
As long as Naam is there on our tongues, we are all liberated, because Shrila Prabhupada said that chanting begins on the liberated platform and then gradually progresses to the stage of Prema Bhakti. Thank you. I pray and desire that these chanting realizations should rise in my heart 24 hours daily.

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-11-08 16:03:46
Thanks Matus. It is for our own benefit that we try to glorify the unlimited Naam Prabhu by our insignificant attempts.

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

Post Author: Bhakta Igor    Date: 2007-11-08 00:06:53
Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna
Dear Gurudeva, please continue to write about your Naam realisations. On that way we are becoming inspired to chant more and more in hope that one day we will also be able to realize such truths. All glories to you! All glories to Naam Prabhu!
Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-11-07 11:01:06
How wonderful!!! One of the best Naam Glories i heard till now. All Glories, all glories to that Naam, which is "nava vidha bhakti naam haite haya" the essence and summum bonum of all types of bhakti and religious processes! Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Post Author: Jagannatha Gauranga dasa    Date: 2007-11-07 20:55:09
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

Thanks Gurudeva for sharing these insightful truths with us. It really shows how deeply you can meditate while chanting which seems most astounding. It shows that you are an unalloyed devotee with absolutely no material desires whatsover and have come to this world just to inspire and guide us conditional souls on the path back home.

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