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Introductory words

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-06-12 21:47:00
Dear guest,

Since longer i have been thinking of joining the immense surfing community which has presently arisen on the wave of Web 2.0, the web of common people, where the words, life destinies and experience of each and everyone of us has got some specific value. The distance, time and language are no longer a barrier nowadays for getting people together and connecting them on an essential and common plane, the plane of life and its experience. Everybody follows a certain path in his or her life. This path was shaped by a sequence of events, which are specific and unique to each and everyone of us. All of us has the natural tendency within of sharing the taste of our own life, as the life is the very substance for every living being and thus a kind of urge arises within the heart of a person to share it with others.

In this blog i would like to share with You the taste of a life, which is being shaped by the power and sweet will of the Name Divine, especially by my dearest and the most merciful Holy Names of NITYAANANDA GAURAANGA. The main aim is to offer You (and me by posting) a new possibility of approaching the life, to offer You more freedom of choice by presenting to You an alternative, which the mundane world is failing You to offer.

Yours in the service of the Divine Names,


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