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Identity crisis

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-08-16 19:22:00
It has always been my problem,
that i simply couldn't be myself,
myself was always formed by outer circumstance,
and i have suffered therefrom.

i was conscious about it,
yet couldn't do anything about it.

Perhaps i'm too sensibel, perhaps too weak.

There may be so many reasons,
for everyone specific and different.

Someone assumes an identification from outside,
someone else creates one from inside.

Yet for each of us,
the same timeless fact applies,
we're suffering from an identity crises,
we don't know who we really are.

Once this fact is understood,
humbleness asks for its attention.

Humbleness is knocking,
on the door of our heart,
still we can't let in.

"Not ready!"

Not ready to give up,
the false identifications,
it is as good as death.


This feeling so unknown for me,
its cultivation the only way,
its expression - beautiful play.

No more lie,
be ready to die,

Die to live...


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