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Are we simple the combination of letters?

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-11-07 09:37:00

pdqvd-letters Since time immemorial human society is meeting with various challenges. These challenges touch all the different aspects of human life and represent a major part of our concern. Be it the industrialization in the past, the information society in the present or the water scarcity in the future, all our activities center these bigger and smaller collective problems. But unfortunately, we are completely forgetting to meet the greatest challenge in the human society ever, for all time to come and that is the quest of finding one's own identity. 

The result of all our endevours in subduing the impacts of these challenges depends on our success in resolving the essential problem, our identity crisis. How to we actually dare to claim of having a great success in nearly all fields of scientific research, when we are not able to even sufficiently consider, what to speak of providing a sollution, to the central scientific objective of the mother of all science - philosophy, which is to know who we really are?

Who are we really? We are wasting gallons of blood throughout our lives to resolve all the existing collective and individual problems, as to make us happy. But who are we actually trying to make happy? Who are we indeed?

Are we the reflection of the object we see in the mirror? Every ten years we look in the mirror, we see a different person, which has changed due to the infuence of time and the laws of material nature, yet we always feel the same. Every single day, every single minute and every single second our body changes, yet we are not even able to notice this continuous change. So i question again, are we really the object we see in the mirror? Are we really simple this object which is actually nothing else than a collection of various, most of them stinky, chemical elements or are we something more?

And what about the names? Are we the names we receive from our parents? Or are we rather the nicknames we got from our friends? Or do we even more like to be the artistic names, under which we entertain the others? Are we simple the combination of some letters or are we something more?

Are we all the various combinations of letters, such as "American", "Slovakian", "Hindu", "Moslim", "Socialist", "Scientist", etc. which although appearing tp have some particular meaning are nothing more than just concepts, created by someone else influenced by the misidentification with another such concept, or in other words created by someone identifying himself with another such combination of letters? We were all born without such designations, then how is it, that suddenly we find ourselves under the cover of so many name-layers?

What happened to us?

Is it perhaps for this reason, that despite of continuous and sincere efforts of making ourselves happy, we do not really succeed? Could it be, that we missed something very important and essential in our lifes?

After so many years and lifetimes of self-deception, are we able to honestly and humbly admit the shining fact, that we indeed missed to consider some very crucial point of our own existence?

At least now, although a bit, but never too late: Are we able to make this utmost revolutionary step to break out for the challenging journey of finding our real selves?

Yes, we will have to, because we know from our own experience that only the "revolutionary way" had enough power and effect for setting up a new order of life for the dissapointed and suffering society. 

by Matus

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