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Who will cross?

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-08-03 16:09:00

"Ke Jaabi Ke Jaabi Bhaai?"

Who will, who will cross the ocean of birth and death?
By Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura
Translated by BRS Swami Gaurangapada

Listen to the song and translation

ke jaabi ke jaabi bhaai bhava-sindhu paara
dhanya kali-yugera chaitanya-avatara

"O my dear brothers and sisters, Who will go? Who will go? Which fortunate person will cross over this impassable ocean of birth and death? This is the most appropriate time to do so as it is most rare and special Kali Yuga which only comes once in 8,640,000,000 years because the most magnanimous Supreme Lord Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu has advented to deliver one and all."

aamaara gauraangera ghaate adaana-kheyaa vaya
jada andha aatura avadhi paara haya

"At the transcendental bathing place of My dear Lord Gauranga, there is a divine ferry boat waiting for all souls to freely take them across this limitless ocean of birth and death without any ticket. There is no restriction whatsoever so all souls are climbing aboard to effortlessly cross over this ocean of birth and death after transmigrating for billions upon billions of lives. The qualification is the desire to board the ferry. Everyone is coming, including the lame, the blind and the distressed. So please do not hesitate any further. One who misses this chance will have to wait for trillions of years."

hari-naama naukaa khaani shri guru-kaandaari
sankirtana kheroyaala du-baahu pasaari

"The divne Holy Name of Lord Gauranga Hari is the boat, Shri Guru (Spiritual Master) is the captain, and the Sankirtana Party moving with upraised arms are the oars of this divine ferry."

saba jiva haila paara premera vaataase
padiya arohila lochana aapanaara doshe

"All souls in this universe have crossed over the ocean of birth and death in this boat assisted by the favorable winds of the pure unalloyed love brought by Lords Nityananda Gauranga. Only Lochana dasa is so unfortunate and ill-fated that due to his own faults of not accepting this causeless and unprecedented mercy, he has been left behind."

nitaai naama laddu aara gaura naama ghi
hari naama khanda kshira ghori ghori pi

"Lord Nityananda's Holy Name is the nectarean laddu and Lord Gauranga's Holy Name is pure fragrant ghee. The Holy Name of Lord Krishna is the condensed sweet rice. Please mix Them all together and drink deep this supremely ambrosial nectarean elixir!"

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