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Suffering purifies

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-10-04 06:45:00

By Bhakta Matus

Sorry for not posting for such a long time.
After some time i got an inspiration again. I have just been to cinema after quite a long time and i saw a very authentic and inspirational movie. It was about a young man (23) who got cancer and who did a movie himself about his last time before he departed. He kept records about his feelings, realizations, hopes, fears, etc. It left quite deep impact on me and let me further realize the nature of this perishable material world and the value of every second in this precious human birth.

i would like to summarize some most important realizations which invoked this movie in me:
- Suffering purifies as it makes us forcibly detach from the misidentification with this material body. Becoming pure means, to gradually disidentify with material body and become concious about one's real and eternal constitutional position as the loving servant of the Lord.
- Our real friends are the Lord and His devotees, for they never cheat a living entity from the eternal prospect of returning home to the Kingdom of God, where there is no suffering. We can't expect real and substantial help from any of our so-called friends, who themselves haven't solved their own problems of suffering and death. So how can they actually help us and solve our problems?

- There is no suffering for one, who awakened to his lost relationship with the Lord. Unbounded and ever-increasing joy experienced through this ecstatic connection with the Lord can't but completely cover the suffering, experienced due to the misidentification and forgetfulness of the existence of the soul and its duty.

- Don't waste time! Any time you can get completely disabled and disencouraged. And it will come for sure sooner or later. The result of such a heavy test will depend solely on the strength You will derive out of Your experience and training You practiced throughout Your life. Don't expect miracles without a reason. As one saying goes: "God helps those, who help themselves."
- Conciousness takes higher position over this body. Your suffering depends on the state of Your consiousness. Train Your conciousness! Chant the Holy Names of the Lord as much as You can and as good as You can! Give Your best and then You will have a good and promising chance of meeting the upcoming suffering with smile at Your face and peace at Your heart.
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Always chant these most auspicious Holy Names of the Lord. [From Easy As Never - Nityananda Gauranga]

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