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Prayer to the saintly devotee of the Lord

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-10-19 02:53:00

By Bhakta Matus

Oh Vaishnava Thakura, saintly devotee of the Lord
How wonderful and precious is every second of Your association.
The immense importance and value of associating with You cannot be captured in my tiny words.
Only by repeatedly getting in touch with You is it possible for me to keep up the necessary faith and enthusiasm for chanting the Holy Name of the Lord.

General association with devotees is very nice and helpful but even more than that is the precious and substantial association of advanced and pure devotees like Yourself.
Actually only to that type of association Lord's causeless mercy can be fully attributed and acts like an magnet, which attracts and drags the soul out of the boundless pool of material desires.
Oh Vaishnava Thakura, please never abandon this lost and confused soul, for except You there is no one this soul can take shelter of again and again.

[From Easy As Never - Nityananda Gauranga]

Prayer to the saintly devotee of the Lord

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