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Occupation and Full Krishna Consciousness

Post Author: Bhakta Igor    Date: 2007-10-20 13:49:00
By Bhakta Igor

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna

Sometimes devotee may feel that there are so many duties and obligations in his life, specialy if devotee is housholder, have regular job etc. How to transcedent everyday activities when we are forced to act and work in envoirament that is not spiritualy favorable? We can find answer in Bg.18.46. where Srilla Prabhupada is giving us following advice:

"Everyone should think that he is engaged in a particular type of occupation by Hrishikesa, the master of the senses. And by the result of the work in which one is engaged, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, should be worshiped. If one thinks always in this way, in full Krishna consciousness, then, by the grace of the Lord, he becomes fully aware of everything. That is the perfection of life. The Lord says in Bhagavad-gita (12.7), tesham aham samuddharta. The Supreme Lord Himself takes charge of delivering such a devotee. That is the highest perfection of life. In whatever occupation one may be engaged, if he serves the Supreme Lord he will achieve the highest perfection."

Therefore we may conclude that in whatever position we presently are, we should make our life perfect by simple and sublime process of chanting and remembering Nityananda and Gauranga Mantrarajas together with Hare Krsna Maha Mantra.

In that way we will, like Srila Prabhupada stated above, we will be in full Krishna consciousness.

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna

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