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Bliss Of Acceptance

Post Author: Bhakta Matus    Date: 2007-07-26 17:08:00
Oh Lord, why should I pretend
that I usurp your power,
when all that vibrates
does so only at your Will.

Why should I make plans for the future,
when all my days are decided by You.
Why should I think I, when all is You.
Please Lord, grant me the Grace
to always see clearly.
Provide to me Your Will
so that my every action
is in accord with
Your highest standards of selflessness,
compassion, kindness and love.

It is You who are all.
This part of You recognizes Your Glory
and humbly offers back to You
that which has always been Yours,
but I was too ignorant to see.

(Unknown author)

Just give it a try and chant anytime You can: NITYAANANDA GAURAANGA !!!

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