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And the Dhaam was revealed: The Confirmation

Post Author: Bhushan Nityananda dasa    Date: 2007-07-26 20:18:00

Nityananda Gauraanga, Hare Krishna

The exact location of the Birth Place of Lord Gauranga was confirmed by a great perfected saint Shrila Jagannatha das Babaji.

A Few words about Shrila Jagannatha das Babaji Mahraja: The photo on side is of Paramhansa Shrila Jagann
atha das Babaji Mahraja

Shrila Jagannatha das Babaji was a siddha-Babaji (a perfectly realized soul). He was known to sometimes chant continuously for three days and nights in a row without sleeping, and he would fast throughout. He lived for 147 years and passed most of the time chanting the Holy Name on the bank of the Ganges in Kuliya. There are many many pastimes Shrila Jagnnatha das Babaji performed one of them is how he confirmed the birth place of Lord Gauranga.

After Shrila Bahktivinoda Thakura saw the vision of the Adbhuta Mandir he wished to confirm it even more resoundingly. The Thakura later requested Shrila Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaja, the head of the Gaudiya Vaishnava community, to come to the site. The aged babaji, who was more than 120 years old at that time, was so weak that he was carried everywhere in a basket by his disciple, Bihari. Many curious persons accompanied him. He was so old that his eyelids completely covered his eyes, and they had to be propped open with his hand if he wanted to see someone. When he was brought to the spot discovered by the Thakura, he became overwhelmed with ecstasy and jumped into the air, crying, "ei to 'nimai-janma-bhumi!" ('This is indeed the birth place of Lord Nimai!') Thus, by the additional and absolute confirmation of the paramahamsa babaji the site was forever certified beyond doubt. Thus, from both an empirical and spiritual point of view, the place of Lord Chaitanya's birth was ascertained

We should pay our humble respects and gratitude from the bottom of our heart to these great souls who revealed Gaura dhaam.

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