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January 2008 SMS

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2008-01-21 08:00:41
Duplicity & guile are most unfavorable things in spiritual practice.Humility & Simplicity is reqd.SG less than 5 seconds ago

Lord Gaura Krishna will reciprocate exactly as per our bhava while chanting His Names.-SG 2 days ago

NGHK New multi-feature NITAAI Yoga Photo Galleries released at -Swami G. 3 days ago

All new videos of Vraj, Navadvip, Ratha Yatras & Satsangs Mum & Guj now on at slow speeds 10 days ago

Golden moonlight from Gauraanga Naam creates huge waves in ocean of Krishnaprema merging us in bliss 10 days ago

Yoga is the milana of soul & God. Soul realizes that its purpose is to love Him & chant His Names.SG 13 days ago

If we lose the present moment, we lose life.So chant His Names at each moment & life is a success.SG 14 days ago

The evil Lumpaka in coma in forest fasted unknowingly today on Eka with no sleep & attained Vaikunth 16 days ago

"I am not as pleased by sacrifice or morality as I do by My devotees' full fast on Ekadashi."-Krishna 16 days ago

It is a mockery of karmic justice to think that there will be no future reactions to our actions.-SG 17 days ago

Tomo is Ekadashi. BF on Sat in Puri 7:15 - 10:40. Those who love God can factually love all souls.SG 17 days ago

NGHK God gives us everything but only asks us to remember Him in return by Mantra Meditation.-SwamiG 18 days ago

Lord's Kaala makes all our actions except Bhakti insignificant in due course of time.Swami G(Puri) 18 days ago

NGHK One symptom of a devotee is tht he takes pleasure in residing where Lord has enacted lila.BSSTP 19 days ago

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