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Important verse from Caitanya Bhagavata

Post Author: JagannathaGaurangadasa    Date: 2008-01-25 10:55:35
Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!

CB Adi-khanda 9.186

TEXT 186

nityanande yahara tileka dvesha rahe

bhakta haile o se krishnera priya nahe?

“If one has the slightest envy for Nityananda, he is never favored by Krishna even if he appears to be a devotee.?

It is to be understood that those who disrespect the spiritual master, who is nondifferent from the Supreme Lord, by considering him a mortal being and addressing him as “my spiritual master,?“his spiritual master,?and so on, have not actually accepted the spiritual master as the dearmost associate of Krishna. Due to material considerations, people in this world have accepted the spiritual master, who is a direct manifestation of the Supreme Lord, as an object of enjoyment. It is impossible for members of these pseudo sampradayas to come to the same platform or cooperate with the pure devotees. It is the nature of persons who are envious of the Vaishnavas to consider the spiritual master as an object of enjoyment because any consideration other than, amara prabhura prabhu gauranga-sundara/ e bada bharasa citte dhari nirantara-“Shri Gauranga-sundara is the Lord of my Lord. I always keep this conviction in my heart,?creates thirteen pseudo sampradayas like aula, baula, kartabhaja, prakrita-sahajiya, sakhi-bheki, jati-gosai, and gaura-nagari. Actually if one rejects the concept of guru or disrespects the eternally worshipable Supreme Personality of Godhead’s supreme servitor and attributes abominable, insignificant, mundane considerations on him, then according to the ardha-kukkuti-nyaya, or the logic of accepting half of a hen, his atheistic nature will be revealed. Whenever the so-called spiritual masters of the pseudo sampradayas display their envy against the pure Vaishnavas, one should abandon those apa-sampradaya so-called gurus, who are actually laghus, or insignificant, understanding them to be envious of the Vaishnavas. One should then search out and take shelter of a pure Vaishnava, who is spiritual master of the entire world and knower of the science of Krishna.

Besides members of the Rupanuga-sampradaya, members of the other thirteen apa-sampradayas are envious of the devotees who follow Shri Rupa, therefore Lord Krishna never considers them as dear. That is why people who maintain animosity towards the pure devotee followers of Shri Rupa actually become laghu. The spiritual masters who are dear to Krishna are always attached to the Vaishnava spiritual masters who follow Shri Rupa. On the pretext of devotional service, the members of the apa-sampradayas appoint someone who is envious of the Supreme Lord as guru and thus maintain their pride. Knowing them as bad association, the pure devotees give up their company and remain firmly fixed at the feet of their spiritual master under the subordination of Shri Rupa. While analyzing the answer to the question, “Which person who is accepted as guru is actually a pure Vaishnava, or dearmost to Krishna??if we find that a person does not accept the followers of Shri Rupa as his intimate friends, but rather envies them, then such a bogus guru should immediately be totally rejected.

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