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The Secret of all Secrets Transcript

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2006-01-14 16:27:11
Title: The Secret of all Secrets Transcript
User: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2006-04-29 08:40:46

The Secret of all Secrets in Kali-yuga Transcript
Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya Ch.1 38-52

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Transcription service by Jagannatha Gauranga dasa

A very important point from this pastime which is described very confidentially in the Navadvipa dhama Mahatmya chapter 1 is the transcendental difference between Nityananda and Gauranga Names and Pastimes and Radha-Krishna Names and Pastimes though They are non-different? Seventh Goswami Shrila Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura states in Chapter 1:

Text 1

gauranga nitai jei bale eka bara
ananta karama dosha anta haya tara

Anyone who chants Gauranga Nityananda Nityananda even once destroys “ananta karama dosha”… unlimited sinful reactions of unlimited lives are destroyed instantly by chanting “eka bara”, only once, Nityananda and Gauranga.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

If the people of the world knew that just uttering once Nityananda and Gauranga all of their sinful reactions would be finished for millions of lives, I think the whole world would do it, right? But they do not know this, it is our duty to inform them at least let them know, it is up to them whether to chant or not.

(Question from audience) But what if they chant and don’t have faith?

(Reply) No, there is no question of faith for Nityananda and Gauranga’s name, faith we require for Krishna’s name, but Nityananda and Gauranga don’t even worry about faith. One devotee was telling me that he went to give to someone one of our books, Who is Gauranga, you know, Gauranga in the Vedas, so at the time the person was not all interested in, he was very absorbed in this material world, “Who is Gauranga?” he said.  So the devotee started dancing in happiness, “You chanted the name of Gauranga. Even though you don’t have time to listen to me who is Gauranga, Gauranga is Krshna himself in Kali-yuga, but at least you chanted Gauranga.”

That itself is enough, if you don’t know, even unknowingly if people chant all their sins will be destroyed. So what we’re giving to the world, we are just passing on the message of the acaryas, their treasure, that treasure is totally free, and it is so easy to acquire it, it is so easy to become saved from the horrible depths of the cycle of birth and death… by chanting once Nityaaaaaaaaananda Gauuuuuuuuuuranga. So Bhaktivinoda Thakura continues:

Text 2

ara eka gudha katha suna sarva-jana
kali-jive yogya-vastu gaura-lila-dhana

My dear souls of Kali yuga I will tell you one very confidential secret, please hear very carefully because this secret you will not find in any holy books, you will not find in any scriptures, even Shrimad Bhagavatam does not describe this secret, what to speak of the Bhagavad Gita, it is a very very confidential secret, “suna sarva –jana,” not one or two persons… No everyone. The most suitable thing for Kali-yuga souls is Gauranga nama and Gauranga lila, the treasure of Gauranga nama and Gauranga lila.

Text 3

krishna-nama krishna-dhama-mahatmya apara
shastrera dvaraya jane sakala samsara

This Krishna nama and Krishna bhava, their glories are unlimited, the glories of Krishna nama, the name of Krishna, and the abodes of Krishna like Vrndavana, their glories are unlimited, and because of the Shrimad Bhagavatam, sastra, and various scriptures about Krishna’s pastimes, Lord Krishna’s pastimes, the whole world knows about them.

Lord Krishna is the most known Hindu God. I mean people say in all the world people know him, so everyone knows about Krishna, everyone has heard about Vrndavana and his pastimes. But the multi billion dollar question, there is one question, the secret of all secrets in Kali-yuga, what is that question?

Text 4

tabu krishna-prema sadharane nahi paya
ihara karana kiba chintaha hiyaya

Bhaktivinoda Thakura says the most secret, even the devotees of Lord Krishna are not asking this question, because it is so confidential, what is this question? Even though Radha-Krishna’s lila, name, dhama, everything is known all over, why the common people are not getting Krishna prema? Why even those who are practicising are not getting Krishna prema?

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

What to speak of the common people, even they know they have seen in television Krishna lila, they have heard sometimes in katha Shrimad Bhagavatam, why are there hundreds and thousands and millions of people they are there, why are they not getting Krishna prema? Has any devotee asked this question? Bhaktivinoda Thakura is asking this questions to all of the devotees, all the souls in this world. Why, please think about this, this in not my statement, I am reading the original verses, the beautiful verses which have come out from the mouth of our ishta guru, Shrila Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura Seventh Goswami. So he posed the question, and actually nobody except for him can answer the question, because this question is so confidential, so deep, these are the verses that actually opened my eyes from ignorance, I came into light.

When I found Navadvipa dhama Mahatyma in Navadvipa dhama and so I considered Bhaktivinoda Thakura my most prominent siksa guru in my life. Without his mercy without his writings I would be in the darkest depths of ignorance. From the beginning of my devotion many many years ago whenever I used to see a photograph of Bhaktivinoda Thakura in the Bhagavad Gita I used to feel jubilation in my heart, some divine jubilation and happiness, but I was to realize afterwards, later that actually the reason for that was because he gave the answer to this most confidential question in Kali-yuga.  He reveals this question itself is the greatest benediction for Kali-yuga. People do not understand now, but as the golden age progresses maybe after two or three hundred years, Bhaktivinoda Thakura will become known all over the world, as more and more people try to understand his mercy.

I have a desire that along with Nityananda – Gauranga to make a nice place for worship of Bhaktivinoda, his teachings are the center, because his teachings contain the deepest secret of all secrets, his books are the books. There are many many paramparas coming down from Gauranga, Chaitanya parampara, Gadadhara paribare, Nityananda paribare, and Babaji’s, and we respect all their practices, but why are we proud of our line? Because of Bhaktivinoda; If Bhaktivinoda would not be there, the richness of our line would not have been there. The Jaiva dharma, the Bhagavatarka-marici-mala, the Vaishnava Siddhanta mala, the Harinama cintamani, the Navadvipa Dhama Mahatyma, the Navadvipa Bhava Taranga, The Saranagati, The Gitavali, The Gita-mala, The Kalyan Kalpa-Tura, The Krishna Samhita, the Amnaya Sutra, the Bhajana Rahasya, the Siksastaka, the Chaitanya Bhagavata. The Mayapura dhama would not have been revealed, the Gauranga mantra would not have been revealed, what is the Gauranga gopala mantra? Nobody knew. In Chaitanya Charitamrita it is mentioned, Gaura-Gopala mantra, but nobody knew. So it is our Thakura Bhaktivinoda who is our most merciful acarya, who is revealing this secret to us. (Break in lecture)
We were discussing from Shri Navadvipa dhama Mahatmya by the Seventh Goswami and my ishta guru Shrila Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Krishna’s name and Krishna’s abode are widespread in popularity and many many people know about it through the scriptures and through many other means, but none of them have been able to achieve pure love for Krishna; so what is the reason, what is the cause?

One of the factors that is actually stopping the people from achieving pure love of Lord Gauranga Krishna… this cause and this reason and this obstacle and this solution is actually the most confidential secret of all secrets in Kali-yuga, and not only in Kali-yuga, it is the secret or all secrets in the creation for all time to come…past, present and future. In fact it is such a confidential secret that in Satya-yuga, Treta, and Dvapara, they do not think about, they don’t even know about it.

Fortunately we have taken birth in Kali-yuga, in the same Kali-yuga as Gauranga Mahaprabhu, that is why we have taken birth just 200 years, 100 years, 150 years, after Bhaktivinoda Thakura, the great acarya was on this planet, so we have got this secret available in this Kali-yuga, it very rarely attained by people in other yuga’s, and in the heavenly planets, what is that secret? Bhaktivinoda Thakura is explaining.

Text 5

ihate ache ta eka gudha-tattva sara
maya-mugdha jiva taha na kare vichara

“Ihate ache ta eka gudha-tattva sara” is the most confidential philosophical secret, essence of everything and the maya-mugdha jivas, the souls who are bewildered by the illusory energy who are trapped day and night in trying to enjoy their senses but they don’t know anything higher than that, how can they ever, they never deliberate on this secret, they never even try to find out this secret, what to speak of the solution, they do not even know that the secret exists, so “na kare vichara,” why does the bewildered soul never think about this secret?

Like I said even the devotees of Lord Krishna, who are the highest among all the devotees of Vishnu and the demigods, even those…many of them are not aware of this secret, so it is only available to the followers of Thakura Bhaktivinoda who have staunch faith in him… very rare.

Text 6

bahu janma krishna bhaji prema nahi haya
aparadha-punja tara achaya nischaya

One may be worshipping Lord Krishna for millions and millions of past lives but if one does not attain love for Krishna, pure love for Krishna, then it is to be understood that “aparadha-punja,” mountains of offenses are there in our heart.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:
“Punja, punja” means a whole valley, a whole storehouse of offenses. Certainly those offenses are there in the heart for the worshipper of Krishna, Krishna bhakti is not so easy, but even after doing bhakti for millions of lives one may not achieve the goal of devotion which is pure love if there are stringent offenses, if the offenses are in our heart.

So one may hear these words and one may lose all hope, one may think it is hopeless. So what is the hope then if I chant Krishna’s name for millions of lives, “bahu janma,” even then I won’t get love, hopeless, better I don’t chant, better I don’t do bhakti.
Yes my dear sir it was hopeless before Gauranga came, it was hopeless as per this verse. Of course by chanting Krishna’s name there is no loss, we make step-by-step progress but still it is a very very prolonged process… the offenses have to be destroyed.

The point is when we do Krishna bhakti then we do more offenses and we become more of offenders and we become even more severe offenders of those who don’t do Krishna bhakti. So it is a very very vicious cycle, offense Is a very vicious cycle. Bhakti is sublime, Krishna bhakti is sublime, but because of our offensive mentality puts us in a very vicious cycle… because before we come to Krishna if we were doing offenses they are considered normal sins of this world, but after we come to Krishna bhakti the offenses we do they are considered heinous sins, they have no atonement. So it is surely a very very difficult situation. Text 7, Why, Bhaktivinoda Thakura says, “why do those don’t get love?”

Text 7

aparadha-shunya haye laya krishna-nama
tabe jiva krishna-prema labhe avirama

“Aparadha-shunya haye laya Krishna-nama.” Because only if, if and only if we chant the name of Krishna without any single offense, “aparadha-shunya,” shunya means totally zero. Aparadha-shunya is the qualification to get love by chanting Krishna nama. Aparadha-shunya… zero, unless the offenses become totally zero by chanting Krishna’s name then we “tabe jiva krishna-prema,” at that time only will our soul get avirama, avirama means continuous non stop Krishna-prema…pure love, without any obstacles or breakage… or falldowns.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

Only when one becomes totally zero, which is a very very advanced stage, because in Madhurya Kadambini describes that offenses are only almost completely destroyed only in the asakti of the bhava stage, which is a very high stage for the new devotees. So it is like a cycle, we get love only when we become free of offenses, and only when we become free of offenses do we get love. So this a very strong cycle of Krishna prema, it is very difficult to achieve for the normal souls, spiritual aspirants, so what is the hope… when we have to struggle for so many millions of lives trying to struggle with our offenses? Yes we will have to if we don’t accept the next verse.

Text 8

shri chaitanya avatare bada vilakshana
aparadha-sattve jiva labhe prema-dhana

This verse should go in the history books, in the annals of history, because this verse should be known by all the devotees. This verse is the only verse that gives us all hope, gives us hope against hope, and that verse is composed by our great gurudeva Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

He writes that, “shri chaitanya avatare bada vilakshana.” This incarnation, this advent of Lord Gauranga, before the advent of Gauranga Krishna nama it was zero offenses, but this incarnation, this advent of Lord Gauranga is vilakshana, is unimaginably powerful, is supremely opulent, capable, this incarnation, “vilakshana,” this word vilakshana is very difficult to express in english. Vilakshana means gigantic, this incarnation of Gauranga is gigantically inconceivable, unfathomably powerful, infinitely potent, potent is the right word, “vilakshana,” infinitely potent. “Shri chaitanya avatare bada vilakshana aparadha-sattve jiva labhe prema-dhana.” The second line is the line which all devotees are seeking for but nobody knows that this lies there in the scriptures. So Bhaktivinoda Thakura in Shri Navadvipa dhama Mahatmya, he says that:

Text 9

bahu janma krishna bhaji prema nahi haya
aparadha-punja tara achaya nischaya

After worshipping Krishna and chanting his name for millions of lives, still we don’t get that love that means that there is a mountain of offenses in our heart.

Text 10

aparadha-shunya haye laya krishna-nama
tabe jiva krishna-prema labhe avirama

And unless one becomes devoid, totally zero of all offenses, then only will he get this love, Krishna prema, by chanting the Hare Krishna maha mantra.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

So what is the hope with this cycle if we get love only if we become free of offenses, and only when we become free of offenses do we get love, so we are trapped. So what is the hope? The hope is described in the next verse by Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

Text 11

shri chaitanya avatare bada vilakshana
aparadha-sattve jiva labhe prema-dhana

That this incarnation, this form of Gauranga, his advent is so supremely opulent, potent and powerful that “aparadha-sattve jiva labhe prema-dhana.” This line is the only reassuring thing, only consolation for the soul in Kali-yuga, it is the only verse which gives hope for the most degraded offensive souls of Kali-yuga…and that line is “aparadha-sattve jiva labhe prema-dhana.”

This incarnation, Gauranga bhakti, Gauranga’s mercy is different from Krishna bhakti, though both are the same personalities but still Gauranga has come specifically for Kali-yuga so he does not…along with the offenses one will get love of God.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

Even though the offenses are there in our heart we will get love of God when one worships Gauranga and chants his holy name and hears his pastimes and goes to his holy abodes…and hears about his divine associates. Anything to do with Gauranga gives one love even though we have offenses in our heart, but Krishna nama, Krishna dhama, Krishna lila will give us love only when we become zero of all offenses.

So this is the difference, “aparadha-sattve,” all devotees should remember this verse “aparadha-sattve jiva labhe prema-dhana.” Because along with the offenses, even though we have offenses in our heart, the Lord gives us pure love. Like in this pastime we have seen Jagai and Madhai were full of offenses but they got love. Gauranga did not say that you become offenseless then I will give you love, Krishna says you become offenseless and then I will give you love. Gauranga says don’t worry about your offenses I will give you love first…”aparadha-sattve jiva.” Even the offensive soul gets pure love for Lord Gauranga Krishna. It’s further described in the next verse of Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

Text 12

nitai chaitanya bali jei jiva dake
suvimala krishna-prema anveshaya take

How do the souls get love, even in the offensive stage? This is a very very important secret of all secrets, because we are all offensive souls in Kali-yuga and that is why we don’t get love, so it is very very important for us conditioned souls because Gauranga’s incarnation will give us love even with offenses. How will he give? He will give when we chant these two names, “nitai chaitanya bali jei jiva dake suvimala krishna-prema anveshaya take.” When we “dake”, dake means when we call out, when we feelingly call out these two names of Nityaaaaananda Gauuuuuuranga Nityaaaaananda Gauuuuuuranga; immediately we feel pure love.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

“Dake,” when the soul who calls out these two names then the purest love of Krishna, Madhurya prema…Suvimala, “suvimala krishna-prema,” it is not ordinary prema. There is prema of Vaikuntha, there is prema of Dvaraka, Mathura, Vraja… there are different levels of prema, there are seven levels of prema: pranaya, sneha, mana, raga, anuraga, bhava, mahabhava. So there are seven different stages of prema and only the Gopies, the assistants of Radhika, they have up to mahabhava, all the seven stages of prema. So that prema, the highest prema, suvimala prema, that prema, that love starts searching after a soul who is chanting these two names of Nityaaaaaananda Gauuuuuuranga.

“Suvimala krishna-prema anveshaya take.” Anveshaya is a very very beautiful verse by Bhaktivinoda Thakura, that is why this is the secret of all secrets. Anveshaya means to find out, to search after, to actually find…discover. So even though a soul who is chanting Nityananda and Gauranga’s name may not have any love, they may be full of offenses, but Nityananda and Gauranga’s name they take it upon themselves to search after such a soul and give that soul love.

I will give you an example; there is a big mountain, huge mountain, and that mountain represents our offenses. It is very tall, gigantic, millions and millions of lives of sins we have committed, they accumulate, a mountain of offenses, and the soul is standing on one side and Krishna prema is there on the other side of the mountain. So when we do not take shelter of Nityananda and Gauranga’s names, their pastimes, their abodes, then only when we chant Krishna’s name, Krishna bhakti, then we are trying to climb the mountain of our offenses, trying to destroy it, gradually climb and go on the other side to achieve Krishna prema. If we have to confront that mountain of our offenses by chanting only Krishna nama it will become very difficult.

Bhaktivinoda says in Navadvipa dhama Mahatyma that it will take a long time, a very very long time for those who don’t chant Gauranga’s name. So we are trying to cross that mountain by chanting the Hare Krishna mantra only without taking ashraya, shelter of Nityananda Gauranga’s name. We are trying to go towards Krishna prema, but it is an uphill task, because the mountain is very very high, and even when we climb we are actually increasing the height of the mountain because by committing more offenses.

So what is a better way to get that prema? We are on one side and the prema is on the other side, what is the better way to get that prema? If that prema comes to us…if that prema comes to us then it is so easy, we don’t have to climb the mountain, we don’t have to wait for our offenses becoming zero, which is actually… actually is practical, it is the only thing possible for the Kali-yuga souls because it is very very difficult to destroy one’s offenses unless one chants minimum of 64 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha mantra a daily, that also with great concentration, not mechanically, then also it is difficult because Vaishnava aparadha is so prevalent. Our tongue always want to criticize others so it is very very difficult to destroy our offenses.
So the best way is for Krishna prema to come searching after us and that will come when we chant these 2 names; Nityaaaaaaananda Gauuuuuuuuranga. Bhaktivinoda Thakura is saying this it is not my statement, he says that, “these two names if somebody calls out with feeling, then that pure love, the highest, suvimala, vima means pure and suvimala means supremely pure, the highest love of Radha and Krishna. In Vrndavan that love will come searching after us.” Wherever we are, either we are in the ditch of offenses, or we are in the forest of our offenses, or we are in the garbage can, or we are in a deep deep dark cave. Better where we are that Krisha prema, our offenses will not be considered and Krishna prema will come and catch us, because Krishna prema is much more powerful than us. If we try to search for Krishna prema we may get it or we may not get it, it is doubtful, but if the pure love of Krishna is searching after us surely it will find us. Krishna prema will find us, how much fallen we are, how much sinful we are.
So that is the greatness, this is the secret of all secrets of Kali-yuga. These two names of Nityananda and Gauranga one has to just chant with feeling and the pure love actually comes to us, even though we may be full of offenses.

Then the next question can be raised…will offenses not create an obstacle in getting that love, hoping that love is coming to us, searching after us? Bhaktivinoda Thakura says when we chant Nityananda Gauranga’s name… but the offenses are still there so won’t they create a block? Even after the loves reaches us it won’t be able to enter our hearts because of the offenses, won’t it do that? Bhaktivinoda answers in the next verse:

Text 13

aparadha badha tara kichu nahi kare
niramala krishna-preme tara ankhi jhare

Beautiful. Bhaktivinoda says No; don’t worry Kali-yuga souls. Your offenses will not be able to create obstacles to stop that Krishna prema. Krishna prema will come and enter your heart even though your heart is filled with offenses, Krishna prema will make your heart into two compartments; in one compartment the offenses will get stuffed, whatever offenses are there, the offenses will get temporarily stuffed into that compartment, and in the other compartment pure love of Krishna will enter into the heart…and “niramal Krishna-preme,” pure Krishna’s love, your eyes will start…tears of pure love of ecstasy will start flowing from your eyes, even though there are offenses. Nothing can create an obstacle because your heart will become filled with Krishna prema.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

You see this is the difference between the Radha-Krishna, Hare Krishna nama and Nityananda-Gauranga nama. That Hare Krishna nama, the pure Hare Krishna nama, will enter into our heart only when our heart is fully pure of no offenses, but Nityananda-Gauranga nama will force the Krishna prema to enter into our heart even though the offenses are present…because Nityananda and Gauranga don’t mind staying in a contaminated place, whereas Radha-Krishna have a very high, Radha-Krishna do not tolerate any offenses.

But Nityananda-Gauranga’s names, through their names they enter in the heart, offensive heart, they don’t mind. Like Jagai-Madhai, they went to the drunkards, they didn’t mind going to a contaminated place. Nityananda and Gauranga do not mind going anywhere. So even if the heart is contaminated fully, still Nityananda-Gauranga nama are not concerned if that soul cries out Nityaaananda Gauuuranga. Immediately the pure love of Krishna enters into the heart. “Niramala krishna-preme tara ankhi jhare,” and tears of real love, not fake love. There are so many different crying in this world, but this crying is real genuine pure niramala, pure Krishna’s love. That soul will start crying with bliss, and then; Ok then the next question somebody may ask, “What happens to the offenses but the offenses are still there in the heart, what happens to them? Will we have to live with offenses forever? No. Bhaktivinoda answers that in the next verse.

Text 14

svalpa kale aparadha apani palaya
hridaya shodhita haya prema badhe taya

Bhaktivinoda Thakura answers that after the Krishna prema enters into the heart by chanting the name of Nityananda and Gauranga, then the offenses which are temporarily stuffed in one side they start shaking and shivering, they cannot exist in the same place where Krishna prema is there, the offenses cannot exist. So In a very very short time the offenses start running away from the heart, where the devotee has got that love in the heart by chanting Nityananda Gauranga and in a very very short time the heart becomes fully pure.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

“Hridaya shodhita haya prema badhe taya.” Actually that stage, which is the preliminary qualification for Radha and Krishna’s name and prema, that is a result of Nityananda Gauranga’s nama. Actually that is why Nityananda Gauranga nama they grant us the qualification to chant Hare Krishna nama… because that heart, the fully pure stage of the heart cannot be achieved without Nityananda Gauranga’s nama, and lila, and dhama, and partial vasistha cannot be achieved without these. Because without Nityananda and Gauranga nama if we try to make our heart fully pure of all offenses, it will take millions of lives.

Krishna das Kaviraja is also saying there is no guarantee, “bahu janme kari yadi shravana.” It is not just Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Krishna das Kaviraja also makes the same point, that Krishna bhajana may take millions of lives. The preliminary qualification of the heart is to become fully pure, whereas here we see that Nityananda Gauranga nama bring that love into our heart and the offenses flee away and the heart becomes as pure as the water in the sharat season, the pond, one can see the depths of the lake, you know crystal clear the heart becomes fully pure we can see the pastimes of the Lord. So this is Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s statement, so the next question raised by a person, “Ok, Bhaktivinoda Thakura you have described the secret of all secrets of Kali-yuga, but how do you practically implement it in Kali-yuga? How do you practice it? I want this love.” Anybody after reading this description will become greedy for love; even this love is coming so quickly, I want this love because this love is the greatest treasure in creation. It cannot be had by having billions of dollars so I want this love. So how can we have it? Bhaktivinoda Thakura gives the answer, this is the verse that actually is my mission, and it is the mission of Lord Nityananda, and it is the mission of all Gaura bhaktas… I request all the devotees to support this mission, and this mission is:

Text 15

kali-jivera aparadha asankhya durvara
gauranga-nama vina tara nahika uddhara

“Kali-jivera aparadha asankhya durvara, gauranga-nama vina nahika uddhara.” So Bhaktivinoda Thakura wants to tell the souls that what I have described is the secret of all secrets, it is not only a theory, you don’t just theoretically understand it but this is something you have to do practically to actually penetrate the secret of all secrets, to realize it personally. That is why “kali-jivera apardha,” the offenses of all Kali souls are unlimited and insurmountable.

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

It is like trying to break the wall with our head. If somebody tries to bang his head on the wall, what will get hurt, the head or the wall? Similarly the offenses in Kali-yuga are so difficult that if we simply try to destroy the offenses it is impossible…we will destroy ourself. Asankya, unlimited offense, unlimited means at every second we are creating offense, when we are walking we are killing so many souls, when we are breathing we are killing so many souls. In Kali-yuga we cannot speak the truth because if we speak the truth we will perish. So many offenses are there, so much sin, every second, the whole Kali-yuga atmosphere is atheist, nobody believes in God. So whatever activity we do, in fact it is described in the Puranas that when somebody does not have faith in the Lord, then whatever sins are committed by all souls in creation past, present, and future will fall on the head of that person who is not a devotee. So one can imagine how much sins we are having on our head if we do not have full faith in the Lord. We are partaking all the sins of all the souls in creation in the past, present, and future; so how much offensive we are in Kali-yuga, very very offensive.
We dress ourselves very nicely, we have a nice mobile phone, nice material opulence; this does not mean that we are not offensive. Even if we go one second without remembering the Lord is actually an offense to the Lord because the Lord is protecting us, giving us air to breathe every moment…and we are not able to express our gratefulness to him by chanting his name, because we are offensive. So so much offenses, unlimited offenses of the souls in Kali-yuga; when Narada showed his offenses to Brihari the hunter, his sins, he fainted on the ground.

If God would show us a sample, even a tiny drop of our sins and offenses which we have suffered for, we would totally commit suicide, we would faint. They are so insurmountable, the offenses in Kali-yuga, and unlimited and so difficult to overcome that Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that, “My dear souls please implement, please hear this one instruction. If you follow this one instruction, then there is no need for you to elaborately follow any other instruction, all instructions are servants of this main instruction, and that is: Gauranga-nama vina tara nahika uddhara.” Nobody, no souls in Kali-yuga will be delivered without Gauranga’s name because of insurmountable offenses. No soul, nahika, nahika means certainly, no way, no one will be delivered without Gauranga’s name, “Gauranga-nama vina tara nahika uddhara.”

Gauuuranga Gauuuranga Gauuuranga. It is so easy to chant his name, just four syllables, it isn’t difficult…and the last verse of this section, Bhaktivinoda Thakura makes a conclusion to the Secret of all Secrets by making a plea; by a fervent intense plea to the whole world. What is his plea?

Text 16

ataeva gaura vina kalite upaya
na dekhi kotha o ara shastra phukaraya

“Ataeva gaura vina kalite upaya, na dekhi kotha o ara shastra phukaraya.” “Phukaraya” means loudly proclaims, he’s shouting; “phukaraya”…definite sound. What is shouting? The scriptures, the scriptures are shouting loudly, what are they shouting?
“That my dear souls in Kali-yuga there is no other way except Gauraganga’s name in Kali-yuga.”

Commentary by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada:

“Ataeva gaura vina kalite upaya,” “upaya” means means, means of deliverance, and “kalite” means Kali-yuga…and Gauranga’s name, Gauranga’s form, Gauranga’s qualities. There is no other way except Gauranga in Kali-yuga, so my dear souls please understand this secret, don’t simply try to understand theoretically, this is your chance, put it in practice. Please chant the name of Gauranga daily along with the Hare Krishna maha mantra.

Prabhupada says that the name of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is more essential than the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha mantra, considering the fallen position of the people of this age. That is exactly confirmed by Bhaktivinoda Thakura here. Prabhupada would never speak something which is not spoken by the acaryas.

So Bhaktivinoda Thakura is saying the same thing, that Gauranga’s name, there is no other means of deliverance for the souls in Kali-yuga. So Nityananda’s order is to always chant Gauranga’s name, and Gauranga’s order is for everyone to chant the Hare Krishna maha mantra, and the order of all the acaryas is to chant Nityananda nama. So let us follow all the three orders: chant the name of Nityananda, and chant this 4 syllable Gaura Gopala mantra. Gauranga’s name which is Gauranga nama as well as it is the Gaura Gopala mantra. Just like Hare Krishna maha mantra is Hare nama as well as it is maha mantra. Similarly Gauranga mantra is Gauranga nama. There are other mantras of Gauranga which are 6 syllable mantra… which start with “klim”, these mantras are not Gaura nama; they cannot be chanted by everyone, they have to be chanted only on the level of Brahminical qualification. But Gauranga mantra is Gaura nama as well as Gaura mantra, it can be chanted by everyone. Gauranga, 4 syllable, and Hare nama.

So this is the secret of Kali – yuga, let us express our full gratitude to Bhaktivinoda Thakura for revealing this secret for which we would never have understood on our own. “Maya mukta jiva jivera krpaya kali yuga purana, maya mukta jiva nice Radha Krishna vyana.” In the Chaitanya Charitamrita states that the souls of Kali-yuga cannot understand this secret on their own, that is why Bhaktivinoda Thakura has composed this Navadvipa dhama Mahatyma, which is even higher than the Vedas, and the Puranas, the Itihasas and the Upanisads because it directly gives us the secret of all secrets which is very very easy to perform. Just 4 syllables to vibrate and it’s for everyone to get instantly pure love of God.

I beg you with a straw in my teeth; anyone who is hearing this video please, please, I fall down at your feet, do not minimize Gauranga nama, take it very seriously. Take this instruction of Bhaktivinoda Thakura very seriously in our life and always sing, “Bhaja Gauranga kaha Gauranga laha Gaurangera nama male.” Always chant the name of Gauranga, Narrotama das says, ”whether you are in the jungle or whether you are a sannyasa or a grhastha, it does not matter. “Grihe va vanete thake, haa gauranga bole dake.” Whether one stays in the jungle or in the home, don’t worry, but if that person chants Gauranga’s name with feeling Gauranga Gauranga Gauranga Gauranga, then I want his association, I will come to his home. If he is a grhastha I will become a sweeper in his home, I don’t care, I do not see whether he is a sannyasa or a grhastha. I will come to his home and I’ll become a servant in his home if he is constantly chanting Gauranga’s name, so let us keep this idea, this mission, this desire in your heart and start chanting the holy name of Gauranga and Nityananda along with the Hare Krishna maha mantra, and please… Bhaktivinoda Thakura and Nityananda Prabhu thank you very much. Haribol.

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