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Sing the Glories of your King

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2006-01-24 18:42:05
15.Sing the Glories of the Kng in whose Kingdom you live
by Bhakta Matus

Few days ago I took a look into a book and read the story about one of our spiritual masters, namely Shri Jagannath Dasa Baba Ji. I would like to share with You the concluding part of that what I have read.

At the end of the story, some valuable advices are described which Shri Jagannath Dasa Baba Ji used to give to the sadhakas. i would like to share the last two ones of them, which also constitute the very end of the story.

“You should not forget about Gaura, for He is even more benevolent and merciful than Krishna. Krishna is like a just ruler, who takes into account your offences in His administration of justice. Gaura does not take into account your offences. While Krishna is interested more in dispensation of justice, Gaura is more interested in dispensation of mercy. From this point, Gaura-kirtana also is more useful than Krishna-kirtana.”

Krishna is the avatara of Dvapara, Gaura is the avatara of Kali. We should sing the name and the hymns of the avatara in whose age we live, just as we sing the praises of the king in whose kingdom we live.”

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