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Krishna's name is included in the name of Gaura

Post Author: Bhakta Igor    Date: 2007-11-05 15:31:14
Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna
All glories to Swami Gaurangapada! All glories to Srilla Prabhupada!
Here is wonderfull lila from Advaita Prakasa, chapter XII:

"Listen now to this wonderful story. One day the universal mother, Sitadevi, whose life is dedicated to the service of Gaura, set aside for Gaura some of His favorite canpa bananas. When she went to take bath in the Ganges, Krishna Mishra saw that the house was empty and he began looking for something to eat. While searching, he found those canpa bananas. That eternal servant of Krishna then considered to himself, “Mother desires to feed these bananas to Gauranga. If I eat them, it will be an offense.?Then again he thought, “But I can eat them after they are offered, then they will be Gauranga's prasada, so there will be no offense.?

He first chanted the mantra om, and then he offered the bananas to Gaura by chanting gauraya namah. Considering the bananas to be maha-prasada, he touched them to his head and then joyfully ate them.

After mother Sita finished her bath in the Ganges, she returned home and thought about offering the bananas to Gaura. But when she saw that the bananas were not where she had kept them, she felt sorry and understood that one of her sons must have eaten them.

She first called Acyutananda and inquired, “I had kept some bananas for Gaura. Who has eaten them??

Acyutananda replied, “Mother, you know everything. You know my mind and behavior. Once, due to my childish frivolity, I drank some milk that was meant for Gaura. You chastised me and I learned my lesson.?

How can a fallen soul like me describe the glories of Acyutananda, who is nondifferent from Shri Krishna Chaitanya? In the mood of Gaura, he drank the milk that was meant for Gaura, and as a result his mother slapped him. Everyone was struck with wonder when they saw that slap mark on Gaura's body. The Supreme Lord's eternal associates and devotional service both possess inconceivable potency. The scriptures state that devotional service and devotees are nondifferent from Krishna.

Sita then called Krishnadasa and asked him, “Who ate the bananas that were meant for Gaura??

Krishna Mishra replied, “Mother, what's wrong? I offered them to Gaura before I ate them.?

On hearing this, mother Sita slightly smiled and then began to chase the boy with a stick. Krishna Mishra ran in fear to his father, Advaita, who saw Sita chasing the boy and said, “Don't beat him. Let Me hear what happened.?

Being checked by Advaita, Sita restrained herself. Advaita Prabhu asked, “What has Krishna Mishra done wrong??

Krishna Mishra gently replied, “Mother set aside some bananas for Gaura. So after offering them to Gaura, I knew there was nothing wrong in eating them.?

Advaita Prabhu inquired, “What mantra did you use to offer them??

The child replied, “Om gauraya namah.?

Advaita Prabhu then said, “Instead of gauraya, it is proper to chant krishnaya.?

The child replied, “Krishna's name is included in the name of Gaura.?

Advaita was amazed to hear the child's reply, and He kissed the boy's face in ecstatic love. Sitadevi was fascinated to hear the child's conclusion and considered her son to be most glorious.

Then, as everyone was called for taking meal, Gaura said, “I've already eaten.?

Advaita Prabhu inquired, “Where have You eaten??

Gaura replied, “While I was sleeping, someone fed Me bananas.?Saying this, Gaura belched, and everyone was amazed to smell the fragrance of bananas.

Advaita thought, “Krishna is controlled by His devotees, therefore Gaura surely ate the bananas that Krishna Mishra offered. I am most fortunate to have such a son, whose glories can sanctify the entire world.?

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krsna

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