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Padma Purana on Kartik Vrata

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-10-26 21:46:00
Padma Purana on Kartika Vrata

Quoted by Srila Sanatana Gosvami in his Hari-bhakti Vilasa (the standard lawbook for all Gaudiya Vaisnavas)
Intro-if one neglects to perform the Kartika Vrata all his pious merits amassed in the passed are burned to ashes; his study of the Vedas becomes futile; and his performance of japa, charity, and austerity becomes fruitless.

Glories of Kartika Vrata-Kartikis the best, the purest of purifiers, and most glorious of all months. Kartika month is particularly dear to Lord Sri Krsna. This month is full of bhakta vatsalya. Any vrata, even the smallest, will yield huge results. The effect of performing a Kartika Vrata lasts for one hundred lifetimes, whereas ordinary vratas only last for one lifetime! As Krsna says in Gita that He is the month of Nov-Dev, similarly, Srimati Radhika is the holy month of Kartikwhich precedes His month. Rupa Gosvami and others refer to Radharani as the Kartika-devata or Kartika Devi, in other words, Radhika is the goddess or presiding Deity of the Kartika Vrata.

Daily Offer-tulsi arotik, ghee lamp to Krsna and sing Damodarastakam, bathe in Yamuna if possible, give charity to pure devotees.

Dont Eat: grains given by others, honey, sesame seeds, oils, hing, eggplant, loki, tasty foods like sweets and fried foods, samosas, pakoras.

Dont Do: cut hair, nails, use things of others, criticize Vaisnavas, Vedas or anyone, no oil on body, do not find faults in others or be envious.

Prayer before beginning: "O gopikas! By your mercy may Radha and Krsna be pleased with my Kartika Vrata."

Benefits Observing KartikVrata: All sins flee from the heart. Perform other vratas one hundred times not equal to one performance of KartikVrata. All the holy places will live within your body. Proper performance of KartikVrata gives one a million times the result of chanting mantras, do yatras and other types of vratas. Those who worship Damodara in Vrndavana even once easily attain Krsna bhakti. Dhruva Maharaja attained Hari darsana by worshiping Krsna in Mathura during the Kartika month.

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