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Radha Naam and Offenses

Post Author: Swami Gaurangapada    Date: 2007-10-21 14:48:00
Q. by Bhushan Nityananda dasa

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna
Gurudeva please accept my humble dandavats at your lotus feet
humble obiesances at lotus feet of Vaishnavas

Thank you so much for Radhasthami videos
A question came in my mind when i saw the videos.

Since Shri Radharanis holy name is Gaurangii, why are offenses applicable to Shrimati Radharanis holy name?
Those who directly read Radha Krishnas pastimes why arent they purified?

thank you so much,
aspiring to be humble servant
bhushan nityananda das
Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna

Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:

Gauraangi + Krishna = Gauraanga

Though Gaurangi has the almost all syllables like Gauranga accept the last one, still that one syllable specifically denotes either Gauranga Tattva or Radha Tattva. Though Lord Gauranga and Shri Shri Radha Krishna are the same non-different Tattva still we understand that Gauranga Tattva is more merciful with respect to the mercy given specifically to the conditioned and offensive souls. Perfected souls receive the same mercy from both the Tattvas, Their Names, Abodes and Pastimes.

Radha Naam is extremely pleasing to Lord Krishna just like Nityaananda Gauraanga Naam, even more pleasing to Him than the chanting of His own Name. That is why we chant Hare Krishna, not Krishna Krishna only, Hare being the Name of Radha. Since Radha Krishna Tattva is not fully approachable by and accessible to offensive conditioned souls, Radha Naam is also in the same category. Thus one needs to accept shelter of chanting Nityananda Gauranga Naam to approach Radha Naam and Hare Krishna Naam. There is other shortcut for this.

Those who read or hear the intimate pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Krishna's with lust in their hearts may commit offenses (it maybe even on a subtle level, not visibly) against the pristinely pure Radha Krishna Tattva because of approaching this confidential Tattva without waiting for proper qualification. This offense in some way may negatively effect the spiritual benefits they may receive by reading or hearing Shri Shri Radha Krishna's intimate Pastimes and Names and thus they may not feel any spiritual advancement or if they are very lusty then it may lead to their fall down also. Thus the safest method is to gradually approach Radha Krishna Naam and Lila via the magnanimously merciful Names, Pastimes, Associates and Abodes of Lords Nityananda and Gauranga.

Daaso'smi, Swami Gaurangapada.

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